Case Study: Design Team Eliminates Downtime and Maximizes Collaboration

What do you do when you need to make a critical change to a large presentation deck for your client who’s speaking at an event in ten minutes? Download it to your desktop and then email it? Get ready for the ERROR message that says “this file is too large to send.” Nothing stops you faster in your tracks...When it comes to advertising and design companies, the show must go on regardless of file-access limitations, bandwidth constraints or server issues. You need to be able to edit, share, access and collaborate on files from different platforms, from any device or location, without disruption.One of our customers, Designvox, a human-centered strategy, design and technology firm, works in a fast-paced, highly collaborative environment with teams simultaneously managing 45-60 projects at one point in time. Before adopting Egnyte, the company constantly battled server problems that would instantly halt projects until the server was restarted. With multiple teams all needing access to the server, these issues caused countless hours of downtime and negatively impacted productivity.

Case Study: Design Team Eliminates Downtime and Maximizes Collaboration - Egnyte Blog

Designvox began researching its options for an enterprise file services solution. One important factor was the ability for this solution to work with Google Apps. Fortunately, Egnyte for Google Apps is available in the Google Apps Marketplace, and the design firm found exactly what they needed.The Egnyte for Google Apps integration created a hybrid corporate file server that converged files stored in the Google Drive cloud and the company’s on-premises infrastructure, providing increased productivity, enhanced collaboration, and optimized bandwidth. Designvox’s teams can now easily collaborate internally and externally with clients in real time, and they can grant and restrict access to the client’s intellectual property, which eliminates costly mistakes or compliance concerns.“This isn’t something we do on the side, Egnyte for Google Apps has become the way we work, from start to finish. It increases our efficiency which in turn makes us that much more valuable to our clients,” said Designvox’s Director of Technology & Interactive Design Petrit Rudi.Egnyte helps solve these key pain points for the media and entertainment industry by enabling teams with diverse environments to work together, regardless of the app, storage or device they’re using.Interested in learning more about why Designvox chose Egnyte? Check out the full case study here, and you can listen to their recent webinar on-demand.

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