Case Study: Balfour Beatty Construction Gains Greater Performance by Adopting Egnyte

Savvy Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) companies focus on delivering excellent service and garnering positive reviews to help them win the next bid. This means, it’s even more critical for them to gain a strong competitive advantage when it comes to project management, efficiency, and productivity. Whether they’re building large-scale projects, such as high rises, hotels, or malls, construction crews know that time is money and deadlines need to be met.Balfour Beatty Construction, the fourth largest general builder in the United States, recently chose Egnyte’s enterprise file services platform to replace its incumbent solution across its entire U.S. operation. The original solution they had adopted from another vendor didn’t meet their enterprise-level needs.“We selected Egnyte in the beginning because of their high level of security and granularity of permissioning. We stayed with Egnyte because of the efficiency and performance their solution provides in our geographically diverse business where collaboration is a critical requirement for our day to day operations.” — Jeff Pistor, Director at Balfour Beatty

Case Study: Balfour Beatty Construction Gains Greater Performance by Adopting Egnyte - Egnyte Blog

In today’s fast-paced AEC industry, firms are similarly challenged by managing multiple field teams and ensuring they have simple and secure access to the most essential files for each project (e.g., photos, blueprints, contracts), whenever they need them and without delay. That’s why AEC companies are adopting cloud-based file sharing services, which can help alleviate, or even eliminate, some of the pain points often faced in the field.To ensure users have fast access to project files while on the job site, regardless of Internet connectivity, Balfour’s teams use Egnyte’s Hybrid deployment, which combines the "access anywhere" of the cloud with the "in-the-office" fast performance of local storage. This unique offering, which provides a consistent file access, sync and share environment made Egnyte the perfect solution for their firm.Curious about the motivation behind Balfour Beatty’s big move to Egnyte? Take a look at the full case study here. Are you in the AEC business? In the comments below, we’d love to hear how Egnyte has helped solve your specific pain points.

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