Bringing Your Egnyte Content into Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is making some waves in the Egnyte customer base with many of you asking for a way to bring your Egnyte managed content into your favorite team collaboration app. Today, I am happy to announce the first exciting step in a robust integration roadmap between Egnyte and Teams.Using this new integration you can now add an Egnyte tab to your Teams channel. You can then customize the tab to show the content that is relevant for that specific channel. In fact, you can even add multiple tabs to the same channel each pointing to a different folder, or add the same Egnyte folder to multiple Teams channels to tie them all together.Best of all, we brought the full power of the Egnyte web interface into Teams so you can share files with folks outside the team, create a new Google Doc, or send out a document for eSignature without ever having to switch applications. Talk about making everyone’s life easier.To make sure the security and compliance folks are also happy, the Egnyte Tabs integration obviously respects all permissions and policies set by domain administrators so no need to worry about that.We have a plethora (obscure Three Amigos reference) of fantastic features coming down the road, and I’d love to tell you about them, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise. As always, the Ecosystem team here at Egnyte would love to get your feedback once you’ve had the chance to experience Egnyte for Teams. Check it out in our app store and let us know what you think.

Bringing Your Egnyte Content into Microsoft Teams - Egnyte Blog
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