Better Quality Control and Progress Reporting in Construction with FotoIN and Egnyte

For any construction project, it’s vital to have top-notch project management and constant field-office-client communication. While defects and failures may happen during the project, it’s the project manager’s responsibility to ensure that the project is completed within the budget, in the given time, and with quality and safety guaranteed.To achieve these strict requirements, project managers are leveraging the latest technologies to alleviate hiccups along the way and make their processes more efficient. In fact, one of the technologies being widely adopted today is the cloud.

Better Quality Control and Progress Reporting in Construction with FotoIN and Egnyte - Egnyte Blog

According to a Rackspace study, cloud computing improved enterprise profits by an average increase of 22%, and 86% stated that using cloud technology boosted their businesses’ ability to innovate. So what does this mean for construction firms?The cloud can enable anytime, anywhere access to construction files and data for dispersed teams on the job site and back in the office. While the cloud has its limitations around file size limits, bandwidth constraints, and photo management, with the right tools in place, construction teams can easily share, edit, store, and manage their photos through the help of the cloud.A major pain point for construction teams is photo documentation, and the cloud can help drastically improve this critical aspect for construction teams. There is constant pressure to capture photo documentation as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to provide information and visual proof across all aspects of the project. FotoIN’s mobile solution combined with Egnyte hybrid (cloud and on premises) solution can take photo documenting and construction communication to the next level.FotoIN is a mobile solution for capturing photo documentation and automated filing to customers' existing storage repositories, and it enables project managers to provide proof of delays, job site conditions and stages of the project. FotoIN’s mobile app allows users to take, tag and annotate site photos, automatically capture GPS, date, time, device, address, project info, and the solution embeds it all into the photos as metadata for easy filing, searching and photo documentation management.Many construction organizations leverage Egnyte as their hybrid file server in conjunction with FotoIN. The cloud is a great way to share and access photos for construction teams working on the job site. Once the files are synced to the Egnyte cloud, any member of the team can access those files from any location and any device. With Egnyte, the photos can also be accessed, reviewed and saved directly from local storage devices to alleviate bandwidth issues associated with large files.The integration between FotoIN and Egnyte enables project managers, staff and subcontractors to snap, tag and annotate photos, and then seamlessly save those files from their mobile devices directly in Egnyte through the cloud. The project manager can manage those photos in different project folders with strict permissioning to ensure only the right individuals can access those files, and then restrict access when those projects are completed. The same team can also send those annotated files into other construction apps through Egnyte to finalize and enhance plans and other documentation.Ready to snap, tag and organize your construction files? Check out the FotoIN and Egnyte integration today.Sly Barisic is the founder and CEO of FotoIN Mobile, the only automated and searchable photo documentation solution. Sly founded the company in 2012 after running the largest publicly traded, private equity real estate fund for a Croatian fund management group. Before that he worked for Capital One, in the US Card division, on multiple projects spanning risk management and online products. Sly earned his MBA at the Terry School of Business at the University of Georgia in finance, real estate, entrepreneurship and risk management.  Along with running FotoIN, Sly is also an active angel investor and member of the Citrix GoToMeeting Virtual Customer Advisory BoardFotoIN, the leading provider of a mobile and SaaS-based photo documentation solution, allows users the ability to automatically capture and file images to their existing storage directly from the field.

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