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Egnyte recently launched an initiative focused on Mobility where we engaged our customers who have a strong business use case for leveraging mobile devices. Our customers provided us with a wealth of data about how mobile devices are being used.This data will prove invaluable when it comes to defining both our short and long-term goals. There were a few key themes that emerged that are explored here.

Effective Anywhere

Egnyte mobile apps enable a seamless transition from the office to your mobile device

Are You Connected - Egnyte Blog
  • Retail sales reps usually interact with customers in person. It’s not uncommon for them to walk customers around the store or make customers wait while they run back and forth, pulling stock from storage just to do simple demos. To improve and simplify this experience, some of our customers have adopted Egnyte tablet apps. We have optimized our apps for previewing pdfs and high-res images so that you can seamlessly view and demo documents. The app also includes valuable features such as an advanced zoom to allow users to easily peruse your product portfolio.
  • Guerrilla campaigns have become an essential marketing tool and the most effective campaigns include a mobile element. A number of Egnyte customers are choosing to launch mobile campaigns on apps such as Instagram. With Egnyte, the process is simplified: files are uploaded to Egnyte then opened in Instagram - giving users a central repository that includes revision history.
  • Every conversation has the potential to grow your business. Once a conversation has progressed beyond introductions and it’s time to talk business, tools like the Egnyte app allow you to demonstrate your company’s value to a potential customer. The Egnyte app makes it easy to store, sort, demo and share information with prospects - as a digital business card, or sharing your deck with an Egnyte link. Now they’ll have your name AND a reference to your conversation.

Meet with Confidence

Make files & folders available, regardless of network connectivity. Prepare to have one less thing to worry about

Are You Connected - Egnyte Blog
  • With our work days occupied by back-to-back meetings it can become difficult to keep track of meeting outcomes. The Egnyte app allows users to capture and share information. At the close of collaborative sessions, simply snap pictures of whiteboards or notes with the Egnyte app and share them with your participants. It is a good way to retain knowledge and track discussions so that even the people that were MIA can have something to reference for future meetings.
  • Nobody enjoys waiting at the airport. When you are about to go off site, make sure your prep material is available by marking your files/folder offline. Now, you can catch up on your notes and review your docs at the airport from the convenience of an ipad, instead of having the need to pull out a clunky laptop.
  • No one carries more paper than lawyers. Some law firms are eliminating bulky legal briefs by opting to use tablets. With Egnyte all this data becomes instantly mobile and backed by industry-leading security allowing users to store, save, and review for client meetings. This is eco-friendly, as well.

Protect Everything

Encryption, passcode lock and certificate based authentication are just some of the ways we help protect your data. Our enterprise grade security extends to all of our products

Are You Connected - Egnyte Blog
  • Patient data is one of the most confidential file types. Our customers in the medical industry demand the highest security. At the same time, they appreciate the convenience of using mobile devices to share and communicate with their patients. A useful approach is to store patient data in individual folders on Egnyte so you can share these folders with your patients individually. If they have questions or concerns about anything, they can simply comment on the actual file. @mentions will email a notification to their doctors and doctors can do the same with their patients.
  • Sport Recruiting agents can go on-site to events and record videos with our Egnyte app to create and share videos for recruitment analysis. This type of data can be highly confidential and incredibly important. Our customers trust that their files are in good hands here, with Egnyte.

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