Announcing Pype + Egnyte Integration

This blog was written by Satyam Verma, Partnerships & Market Development at Pype.

Seamless document transfer facilitates better turnover experience.

Pype provides innovative construction software solutions - AutoSpecs, Closeout, and eBinder - that enable teams to start projects faster and close out stronger. Called “game changers” by top GCs, Pype is dramatically changing business operations for construction, with proprietary, industry-leading specification management and closeout automation software. Pype’s constantly evolving trio of products uses machine learning to continuously drive efficiency savings and boost bottom lines.

Egnyte is construction’s leading document management system, providing interoperability between multiple teams –– all in one platform. Pype’s integration with Egnyte ensures that critical data living in Pype is accessible to all stakeholders, so teams can simplify workflows and stay up to date.

Syncing Pype eBinder with Egnyte enables you to access and transfer project documents stored in Egnyte Connect directly into Pype eBinder. Quick and direct access to project documents allows teams to deliver organized and searchable turnover packages in minutes.

This integration bookends your turnover package experience, allowing for streamlined workflows and seamless project closeout file transfer.

  • Pull closeout files into eBinder to generate one fully indexed, hyperlinked, and searchable pdf turnover document
  • Share your polished turnover package on Egnyte and deliver everything to all relevant stakeholders.

Pype’s suite of software solutions:

  • Pype AutoSpecs is a web-based spec management platform that takes project specs and uses patented machine-learning to pull your project submittals and generate a submittal registry in less than 10 minutes.
  • Pype Closeout software streamlines your entire closeout process, reducing the amount of manual labor and time involved for a typical closeout.
  • Pype eBinder allows project teams to easily compile all required closeout documentation and generate a polished turnover package for owners once projects are completed.

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Satyam Verma

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