Announcing: Egnyte for Gmail Integration

If Gmail is your preferred email platform, we’ve got some exciting news for you.

A few months ago, we quietly released the first part of our integration with Gmail. The integration enables users to save email attachments to Egnyte without leaving their inbox. It offers a simple way to keep attachments organized, accessible and easy to share with colleagues. But something was missing... If you were composing a new email and wanted to attach a file from Egnyte, you had to do it the old fashioned way; go to Egnyte, generate a link, and paste it into your email.

That was yesterday. Today, we’ve partnered with Google to support Compose Actions. From here on out, after you enable the integration shown here, you can attach an Egnyte file or folder link without ever leaving your inbox.

Announcing: Egnyte for Gmail Integration - Egnyte Blog

In addition to making life easier, our integration with Gmail has a few important benefits that are worth pointing out:

Save Storage Space and Time – Large attachments take up a lot of storage space and can take a long time to load. By sharing a link rather than attaching the actual file, you’ll be saving storage space in your account, (and in your recipients’ accounts) as well as be able to send your email immediately without waiting for attachments to load.

Fix After Sending – If you’re like me and forget to add something to your documents until after you’ve already hit send, our new integration can help. As long as your Egnyte link is pointed to the latest version of the file, you can make your changes at any time.

Enhanced Security – Traditionally, once an attachment has been sent, it can’t be recalled. However, this is not an issue with Links. Not only can you see if your files were opened, but you can also revoke access to the attachments at any time.

Eliminate Duplicates and Retain Versions - Another useful feature of our latest integration is that it automatically flags attachments you’ve already saved. This makes it easier to avoid duplicates and save storage space. Got a new version of the file? No problem. Egnyte manages versions for you.

Easily Find Your Attachments – When you save an attachment from Gmail to Egnyte, we not only save the file itself, but also save relevant metadata, like the date the email was sent and the sender. These details can help you find your attachments easily.

On a related note, as we announced last year, we are also working with Google on an exciting integration with Google Docs, which will be available soon. This upcoming integration with Google Docs is now in an open beta phase and we’re welcoming all Egnyte customers who want to try it out. If you’d like to try the new Google Docs integration, please reach contact your Egnyte account executive.

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Ronen Vengosh

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