3 Ways Using PlanGrid and Egnyte Boosts Construction Productivity

This post was written by Grace Ellis, Content Marketing Manager at PlanGrid.

When it comes to sorting through project information, most construction professionals waste more time than you think searching for the right data. In fact, it eats up around 5.5 hours a week on average, according to a recent study by FMI.

In addition to searching for information, workers lose around two days a week solving issues that could have been avoided with a better workflow and communication system. These averages are more than merely frustrating—they're the underlying cause for productivity and profit loss in a construction company.

Luckily, there are solutions available for teams to increase information visibility and cut down on time wasted. If you want to spend more time moving forward and less combing through mounds of old data, you need technology solutions to make accessing documents and information fast and simple.

The integration between PlanGrid and Egnyte streamlines data and information between the field and office. Together, they allow users to easily upload and export plans, photos and RFIs for any project in real time. In turn, these powerful technologies create a digital archive that can be shared with all stakeholders so everyone’s working from a single source of truth.

Interested in seeing how PlanGrid with Egynte accelerates productivity? Read on to learn more.

Software Your Team Will Actually Use

The construction industry has famously resisted technology. This may be because construction workers on the go are less inclined to master new systems than office workers who can experiment with new programs at their desks. However, a contributing factor may be that few software companies have been able to provide useable tools for the fast-paced and unpredictable world of construction.

PlanGrid and Egnyte were both developed specifically for all employees to seamlessly use with a minimal learning curve. The two applications have eliminated the frustration employees feel when they have to manually upload data and keep track of changes from multiple applications.

With PlanGrid, software in the field is fast, simple and intuitive, encouraging employees to take full advantage of the tools they've been given. This technology is also versatile enough to be used across all electronic devices, both online and offline, so no one is left in the dark.

Fast Access to Information, Anywhere

Few employees look forward to uploading 30 photos of a construction site or several large documents and files at once. The process can not only tie up a device for several minutes (or more), but the upload may not even go through when all is said and done.

But unlike other point solutions, Egnyte uses the flexibility of its Connect deployment system to solve for bandwidth constraints, abnormal file sizes and multiple users. Whether a member of your team is online or off, everyone can access the files when uploaded to Egnyte and synced to PlanGrid.

The real beauty of Egnyte paired with PlanGrid though is that it’s designed to integrate with your infrastructure, folder configurations and permission requirements. It leverages your existing processes and strengthens them with better technology. Sync the information in real time between the field and the office to create one master plan in PlanGrid so any issues can be immediately documented and updated for key project players.

With real-time access to even your largest files, photos and data, your team can work more productively with less risk of mistakes and rework.

Stronger Data, Faster Workflows, Better Integrations

How often do you need to upload the same document or information into more than one system? It’s time-consuming and adds opportunities for errors. With construction plans and documentation, those delays and errors in getting the right documents into the right hands can have dramatic and costly effects though wasted time or resulting rework.

But this technology problem also has a technology solution. PlanGrid Connect simplifies and automates tasks and workflows whenever possible. PlanGrid Connect provides an elegant, no-code platform for construction companies to create flexible integrations without relying on engineering resources.

When integrating Egnyte on PlanGrid Connect, teams no longer need to upload information and files into both applications to keep everyone updated. Instead, setup PlanGrid Connect to monitor the right Egnyte folders and automatically pull uploaded files into PlanGrid’s Drawings and Document capabilities for instant access in the field. Document control teams no longer need to manually compile collections of as-built drawings. Instead, schedule PlanGrid Connect to save PDFs of your marked-up drawings to Egnyte for record retention.

The technology is designed for a fast-paced field environment, so project managers, foremen and other stakeholders can access (and account for) any changes immediately. Paired with Egnyte's file sharing platform, your staff can document workarounds or unexpected issues as they unfold, and easily access and export a complete project history once complete.

Boost Productivity Today with Egnyte and PlanGrid

Boosting productivity in a construction company starts with understanding where your time is really being spent. If you document how many minutes you spend a day trying to find information, it's easy to see why you may need to start thinking outside the box. PlanGrid and Egnyte were created to give your team the tools to save valuable time and keep construction moving–adding value to your projects immediately.

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