1+1=3 in Rapidly Changing File Management and Storage Landscape

It is no secret that things are moving quickly in the storage market. The adoption rate of cloud storage by individuals has been nothing short of astronomical. Businesses have proceeded a bit more cautiously and have somewhat different needs than individual users, but they are rapidly making public storage a part of their overall plans, often using a hybrid model like that offered by Egnyte.We are at a time when the options and requirements for business storage needs are expanding. These times of significant change offer great opportunities for productivity gains and significant innovation, but they can also introduce complexity.On the requirements side, storage and file management products are being asked to reduce costs, support an increasing BYOD/mobile workforce, simplify file access and management, enable more efficient collaboration and, at the same time, hold intact important requirements like security and controls. On the options side, the volume of potential places where files and documents can live has ballooned, and the need for different systems to share or exchange this mass amount of data has also drastically increased. The result is a new level of complexity for managing all of the requirements around corporate data, adding another obstacle to tackle for corporate IT.Many of the leading and most innovative companies in the storage and file management markets are companies going to market via partnerships to help solve these pain points for IT. This makes sense.  These companies understand that the fastest path to best-of-breed offerings is through leveraging the unique expertise of different companies. There is enough complexity that simply throwing a ton of money and people at the entirety of the environment will not win out against the alliances of companies with deep expertise in specific areas working together. A great example: CloudFuze + Egnyte.

1+1=3 in Rapidly Changing File Management and Storage Landscape - Egnyte blog

CloudFuze offers Egnyte customers an easy way to migrate files and documents into their Egnyte environments from wherever their files were previously stored. With connectivity to public cloud storage services and ECM systems and a fast path to other storage that is accessible via industry standards like CMIS and WebDAV, CloudFuze provides Egnyte customers with a comprehensive migration service to get them quickly up and running with Egnyte. Learn more about what CloudFuze offers to joint customers with Egnyte HERE.Stay tuned for updates from Egnyte and CloudFuze as we continue to work together leveraging our unique expertise to lead innovation in developing multi-cloud and hybrid storage models for business use.Matt Karash is the Director of Marketing for CloudFuze (https://www.cloudfuze.com). He uses CloudFuze to manage files across multiple cloud storage accounts but also to torment his children with cool technology.

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