White Papers

Solution Briefs

  • Egnyte for Google Drive

    Egnyte for Google Drive

    Learn how enterprises can move their file servers to Google Drive to converge on-premises and Drive storage and gain a global namespace, 100% admin-controlled collaboration and more.

Technology Trends

Egnyte Architecture

  • Egnyte Security Architecture

    Egnyte Security Architecture

    Understand how Egnyte offers end-to-end data protection through the five stages of security (physical, network, transmission, access, and data).

  • Egnyte Cloud File Server Architecture

    Egnyte Cloud File Server Architecture

    Learn about Egnyte's cloud file server capabilities. From central administration to user application, Egnyte provides robust online file-sharing tools for any use case.

Industry Use Case

  • Construction and Engineering

    File Sharing in the Construction Industry

    The construction industry faces unique collaboration challenges that require a unique architecture to address. Egnyte's hybrid platform is the ideal platform to streamline project management and cut costs for construction companies.

  • Pharmaceutical and Biomedical

    Healthcare and Life Sciences

    Egnyte offers HIPAA-compliant file sharing for the healthcare industry, allowing multiple offices and remote teams to effectively and securely collaborate.

  • Pharmaceutical and Biomedical

    The State of File Sharing in Healthcare

    Healthcare is one of the most regulated industries. There are stringent file- sharing requirements around PHI data. This industry brief from John Casaretto, SiliconAngle, evaluates what an ideal file-sharing solution for healthcare should look like.

  • Financial Services and Banking

    Egnyte provides secure online file sharing for financial services. Administrators have complete control and visibility over file usage and user permissions, as well as compliance with government regulations.

  • Media and Advertising

    Egnyte provides media and advertising agencies with a centralized collaboration hub for all their file access and storage needs. Easily share files too large for email with any number of clients and teams.


  • Financial Services Compliance

    Financial Services Compliance

    Learn how Egnyte meets FINRA compliance under SEC regulations for brokers, dealers, investment companies and investment advisors.

  • HIPAA Statement

    HIPAA Statement

    Learn how Egnyte's stringent security and privacy practices enable HIPAA compliance for businesses in the medical industry.

  • HIPAA Business Associate Agreement

    HIPAA Business Associate Agreement

    Download this form to enter into a business associate agreement with Egnyte to enable HIPAA compliance.

  • Egnyte Privacy Policy

    Egnyte Privacy Policy

    This privacy policy explains the personally identifiable information that Egnyte uses and protects for its clients and partners.

Competitive Advantage

  • Egnyte vs. Dropbox

    Learn how Egnyte provides more security and control than Dropbox and compare the differences between enterprise and consumer file-sharing offerings.

  • Egnyte vs. Box

    Understand why businesses choose Egnyte over Box. With more permission controls, access tools and server sync, it's no wonder why thousands of businesses trust Egnyte for their file-sharing needs.

  • Egnyte vs. ShareFile

    See the difference between ShareFile and Egnyte. Egnyte offers a cleaner web interface, more powerful desktop sync and safer user verification.