Egnyte Task Manager

Egnyte Task Manager

Easily assign and track action items for more effective document collaboration

In the past, requesting input on a file would involve a series of emails, text messages, and phone calls to get it done. Now, with Egnyte Task Manager, you simply assign a task to the appropriate person and we take care of the rest.

Create a Task with Ease

As the head of global sales, Alice is finalizing the financial analysis for the quarterly business review in 2 days. She urgently needs the latest sales figures from John in the finance team. With just a few click using Egnyte Task Manager, she assigns an action item with a due date to John and he is automatically notified with the details.

Receive a Task

Busy working at his desk, John receives an alert from Egnyte with the details of the task that Alice assigned to him. With this information, John is able to prioritize his focus and address the most pressing issues first.

Track tasks assigned to you

Later in the day, after John finished the request from Alice, he wanted to see if he had any outstanding action items that needed his attention. Here is how John is able to use Egnyte Task Manager to view, edit, and resolve his tasks with just a few clicks.

Track the status of a task you assigned

Earlier in the week, Alice had also assigned a task to Katrina in marketing to provide an overview of the latest European launch, but hadn’t seen an update yet. Concerned that it may have fallen through the cracks, Alice used Egnyte Task Manager to check the status, and to contact Katrina from within the web UI to request that she complete the task.