Customer File Transfer

Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby's International Realty
Our agents and listing coordinators needed to share large, hi-res image files on a daily basis. For us, the cloud enabled easy file access and the local storage component enabled the fast file access. Now both agents and coordinators can work quickly and efficiently.

Sending small files over email is easy, but how do you send large files such as designs, media files or email archives? What about sending massive folders with thousands of files?

Traditional methods of setting up FTP servers are cumbersome and difficult to use. It often takes more time to set up an FTP connection than it does to transfer the file. Uploading and downloading files through an insecure FTP connection can also lead to data leaks and open security holes in corporate firewalls.

How Egnyte solves this use case

Egnyte is the only file sharing solution with multiple methods of uploading and sending large files. Unlike email attachments or consumer cloud file sharing, Egnyte doesn't have file limitations - allowing users to send any number of files of any size. Egnyte also offers a built-in FTP service, eliminating the need for IT to set up and maintain separate servers for one-time file transfers.