Branch Office Infrastructure

Earth Systems
Despite our very limited IT resources, Egnyte helped build a LAN that extends thousands of miles enabling employees in Australia to work with our field personnel across five continents.

Companies are more distributed than ever, with branch offices and home-based workers across different regions and time zones. It's important to keep these remote employees connected and collaborating with the rest of the company.

Deploying traditional file serving infrastructure to branch and home offices is not scalable from both a CAPEX or OPEX standpoint, especially with IT now expected to do 'more with less'. But how do distributed offices maintain a high level of collaboration with bandwidth and storage limitations?

How Egnyte solves this use case

Egnyte provides the perfect file sharing and sync solution to increase productivity while reducing costs for branch offices. By leveraging cloud file sharing with low cost commodity storage, remote offices can get the benefits of traditional file serving without the hassles of setting up and maintaining servers, VPNs, security systems, tape backups, etc. So even with bandwidth and storage constraints, employees at branch offices can still enjoy high performance collaboration.