Program FAQs

Program FAQs

Earn Recurring Revenue with Egnyte

We help Managed Service Providers (MSP) increase sales across millions of endpoints, by making it easy for their customers to protect their data and achieve compliance. Interested in reselling our services, or simply referring us? We have options for you as well!

How many business partner programs does Egnyte have?

Egnyte has three business partner programs: Premier Partner Referral program, Value-Added Reseller (VAR) program, and Managed Service Provider (MSP) program.

How do I become an Egnyte business partner?

You can apply to become a business partner by filling out our Partner Application Form.

Is there a fee to become an Egnyte business partner?

No. The program is currently free to qualified organizations. Please fill out the Application Form and an Egnyte representative will contact you.

What is the eligibility requirement for each type of business partner?

To become an MSP partner, you must provide proof that you provide Managed Services. To become a VAR partner, there is a quarterly recurring revenue requirement. To become a referral partner there is no eligibility requirement.

The Egnyte partner team will work with each partner on the requirement numbers.

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What sales-enablement resources does Egnyte provide for their business partners?

Egnyte provides a variety of sales and technical training, marketing collateral, partner dashboard, partner portal, and technical support.

Does Egnyte provide deal registration to all of their business partners?

Yes. Please use this link to register your deal: Deal Registration Form

Can my customer or I start a trial?

Yes. In fact it is highly encouraged and can start as you as you fill out the Free Trial form.

How do I register my customer accounts?

You can register your customers through Egnyte’s partner dashboard by using your login credentials. If you are a partner and need access to your dashboard, please contact your Egnyte partner account manager or send an email to

How can I access Egnyte’s sales and marketing collateral?

Partner sales and marketing collateral is available in Egnyte’s partner portal. If you are a partner and need access to the partner portal, please contact your Egnyte partner account manager or send an email to

What is the difference between Egnyte’s partner dashboard and partner portal?

The partner dashboard gives you access to all of your customer license information. The partner portal gives you access to Egnyte’s sales and marketing collateral.

How do business partners handle customer billing?

It depends on what kind of Egnyte business partner you are. Please see the specifics on Egnyte’s Business Partner Programs page.

How do I add my branding to the Egnyte solution?

The branding options are explained in the reseller-enablement kit, available through the partner portal.

How do I get technical support for a customer?

Please create a ticket through Egnyte's Helpdesk or contact your Egnyte partner account manager.

Who do I contact for billing questions?

Please contact your Egnyte partner account manager or send an email to

How can I get in touch with someone on Egnyte’s Channel team?

Please feel free to call us at 1.877.734.6983 (option 3) or email us at