Businesses can never be too careful when it comes to protecting intellectual property and confidential information. But even a comprehensive security policy can’t guarantee every attempted breach will be averted. Egnyte Protect helps secure valuable content residing in both on-premises and cloud repositories. It detects and remediates access violations within minutes, and helps minimize the legal, financial and operational liabilities that can result from data breaches.

Protect valuable information

  • Enforce consistent access permissions across your different repositories, including SharePoint, Windows File Servers and Egnyte Connect
  • Ensure that only the right people access the right content by identifying abnormal individual permissions and inappropriate external sharing
  • Protect your business from malicious and accidental sharing of content including files that contain sensitive information
Protect your valuable information
Get notified instantly to proactively contain exposure

Get notified instantly to proactively contain exposure

  • Act on your exposure in minutes and not months by detecting vulnerabilities as they occur
  • Identify users and teams engaging in potentially risky behavior in order to provide additional training
  • Address the most serious issues first through automated ranking of the risk severity level
  • Fix your issues in one click, across all your repositories, directly from the Egnyte Protect UI
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