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Access Control

Use Cases

Access Control is part of Egnyte Protect and gives you visibility into how your files are exposed and accessed by users within and outside your organization regardless of where your content is stored on-premises or in the cloud, even across multiple vendors like Egnyte, NetApp, Microsoft, Box and others.

Egnyte Protect Access Control ensures consistent permissions across all file repositories, makes sure your permissions are set to meet your business needs (via entitlement delegation), and closes potential vulnerabilities, regardless of what your content applications are.

Gain control over your security

Having multiple content repositories could add administrative complexities and introduces potential security vulnerabilities. This example shows you how Egnyte Protect gives you the tools to provide consistent control and strong security over all of your content repositories.

From your Egnyte Protect dashboard, you see the following alerts:

  1. There are 6 confidential files that are accessible to external parties
  2. A user’s attempts to access a specific folder repeatedly failed
  3. There are shared files that haven’t been accessed in the last 6 weeks
Gain control over your security through Egnyte Protect Dashboard

With this information you can now take the following actions:

  1. This open file links situation obviously isn’t desirable, so you quickly change the public links to be private-only and notify the user of the policy violation
  2. After investigating the failed access attempts, the cause was that the user changed roles and should now have access to a different set of information, so you change the account credentials across all the repositories to ensure business productivity and protection in one click
  3. With a few mouse clicks you determine that the files that haven't been accessed in 6 weeks are for a partner that no longer needs them, so you remove their access

Identify abnormal content behaviors in near real-time

Egnyte Protect is continuously scanning for potential threats – even when there are no administrators logged in.

In this instance:

  1. Egnyte Protect notices a change in the content fingerprinting which could be file encryption from a "virus contaminated user"
  2. These changes are above regular thresholds, so alerts are immediately sent to the administrators via email, SMS, Syslog message or event logs
With Egnyte Protect Identify Potential Threats in Near Real-Time

With this information you can now take the following actions:

  1. Further investigation reveals that your system could be experiencing an attack
  2. Because the monitoring and alerts happen in real time you quickly prevent this user from accessing and contaminating other corporate content across all repositories, quarantine the affected files, and prevent any large scale damage

Migrate to a single cloud EFSS vendor

Most companies have multiple content repositories, on premises for sensitive regulated information and the cloud for business agility. This example shows how you can migrate most of your files to a single content repository over time with minimal impact to your users and while respecting regulations.

Before using Egnyte Protect:

  1. Egnyte Connect is the corporate-wide standard EFSS solution
  2. A small project team is still using Box with a 3rd party
  3. The Finance team has a highly-customized SharePoint deployment that is used as an internal portal and integrates via API with their in-house billing system
  4. IT has aging NAS servers, but some of the information stored in them is sensitive and cannot be moved to the cloud
Migrate to a Single Content Repository with Egnyte Protect and Connect

After deploying Egnyte Protect:

  1. Each content is classified and a clear migration plan on what content to move to the Egnyte Connect or other cloud and when is defined
  2. Files are transferred to Egnyte Connect except for the SharePoint finance files and the confidential data on the NAS server
  3. The Box access will be secured by Egnyte Protect and the 3rd party will only access non-confidential information from this repository
  4. You keep central control over all the corporate content without disrupting your employees or preventing them from using their favorite content applications
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