Egnyte for Mover

Egnyte for Mover
Migrating to Egnyte


Mover makes it extremely easy to consolidate all your corporate data from any storage source into Egnyte. With a fully hosted cloud solution, Mover and Egnyte have partnered to provide a smooth migration from the likes of Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and SharePoint.

mover makes it extremely
mover and Egnyte work closely

How It Works

Mover and Egnyte work closely together to rapidly consolidate all your corporate data dispersed across different cloud storage providers. Utilizing either Mover’s self-serve or professional services, an Egnyte customer can copy content from any other cloud storage provider into Egnyte, on a per-user, or site-wide basis.

Egnyte for Mover Benefits

Decreased Deployment Time

  • Automatic folder structure copying
  • User-to-user mapping
  • Apply permissions to content copied from another provider

Improve Employee Onboarding

  • File and folder structures are familiar to the team
  • Nobody will lose data during the migration
  • Adopt your new files services faster

Enhance Security for the Enterprise

  • Tight security practices to ensure your data is isolated and secure during the migration
  • Data is encrypted end-to-end during migration

Egnyte Partner Datasheet

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At Mover, we provide a solution that enables customers to easily and securely migrate large data volumes from on-premises and cloud storage systems to the cloud. Joining the Egnyte Technology Partner Program will allow us to deliver, at scale, a rapid implementation of the Egnyte hybrid, enterprise-grade, file-sharing solution and help our joint customers progressively move users and content to the cloud, at their own pace, while still utilizing their on-premises infrastructure.

Eric Warnke CEO, Mover

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