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nCrypted Cloud is the leading enterprise solution for secure sharing and collaboration in the cloud. nCrypted Cloud provides all the security safeguards that enterprises require, while also providing a easy to use and readily adopted end-user sharing solution.

how ncyrpted cloud works with egnyte

How It Works

The integration between nCrypted Cloud and Egnyte gives enterprise admins the ability to stay in full control of all corporate data, users, and devices. Through seamless Egnyte integration, nCrypted Cloud makes it easy for business end users to secure data with end-to-end encryption, set sharing permissions, collaborate efficiently, and view auditing statistics for all corporate data, ensuring compliance with regulatory and business requirements.

Egnyte for nCrypted Cloud Benefits

Improved centralized management and controls

  • Add/remove users, centrally disable devices, and manage corporate device policies
  • Customize all aspects of corporate branding materials associated with nCrypted Cloud (emails, web portal, etc.)
  • Set default sharing permissions that are applied throughout the organization

Secure email and advanced sharing controls

  • Quick and easy collaboration through Egnyte as well as through Outlook and Apple Mail Clients
  • The ability to un-send emails using nCrypted Cloud’s secure mail body feature
  • Advanced sharing permissions and real time access revocation capabilities
The Egnyte hybrid storage solution enables highly regulated multi-national enterprise customers, with multi-country data residency requirements to meet privacy regulations of respective countries. The unique combination of Egnyte and nCrypted Cloud, fulfills both network and device agnostic controls, as well as data residency requirements industries such as financial services, medical records, and many others.
Nick Stamos, CEO nCrypted Cloud

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