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Egnyte and Microsoft

A powerful combination for productivity and data governance in the cloud

Supercharge your Microsoft Stack with the Power of Egnyte

Egnyte provides a unified platform to secure and manage all your content, with deep integrations into Microsoft 365. That’s why thousands of customers, small to large and across industries, use Egnyte together with M365.

Control Content Sprawl

Native integrations with Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive, allow admins to get real-time visibility into where content lives and how it's being shared. Users can easily access and collaborate on content stored in Egnyte, while admins maintain visibility and control over all shared content — no matter what application is used.

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Secure Sensitive Content

Secure all your content, meet industry regulations and stay in compliance — without slowing down the pace of your business. Minimize the risk of data loss with Egnyte’s machine learning Content Intelligence Engine, which automatically classifies sensitive, redundant and obsolete content across Windows File Server, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams and Exchange Online. Get alerted to unusual or out-of-policy file access and sharing to reduce risk from ransomware, breaches and insider threats.

Simplify Administration

Make administration easy with an intuitive admin interface that strips away complexity and serves as a single pane of glass to all shared content from Egnyte - no matter what M365 application is used. Egnyte requires no specialized resources to operate and gives users the ability to easily share and access critical business content.

We had Microsoft 365 and thought SharePoint and OneDrive was the way to go. But people were trying to sync 200-300 gigabyte document libraries to their laptops, so we were struggling. Then we found Egnyte. It was recommended by one of our peers and it answered a lot of our questions—it just works

Peter Tucker

Director of IT, IK Investments

Leverage Cloud Services in Azure

Tap into powerful AI technologies like Microsoft Cognitive Services for your Egnyte content, so you can extract value and insights from your data at scale. Our public cloud connector allows you to easily migrate, govern and archive content in Microsoft Azure, while retaining visibility and control.

Automate Business Process

Build custom processes and workflows using Egnyte content through its integration with Microsoft Power Automate. Collaborate internally and externally using best-of-breed applications— such as Google Workspace, Salesforce, Zoom, DocuSign and Slack — while Egnyte retains a single source of truth and control over all your content.

Use the Productivity Tools you Love

Multi-user, real-time editing makes collaboration easier and faster. Co-edit documents with Microsoft Office Online and Office Desktop, allowing employees to use their preferred applications while files remain secure and governed by Egnyte.

Featured Integrations


Egnyte for Microsoft Office lets you access and co-edit Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files in via the web, desktop, and mobile apps, while keeping them in Egnyte with all your other files.

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Provide a single access point for content across the business, right within the Teams interface. Preview, edit, and share relevant project folders or files with anyone, even non-Teams users. Kick off and streamline workflows while keeping security controls in place

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Easily access and collaborate on content right from within SharePoint Online. Share Egnyte links with internal or external collaborators, manage content and folders, and kickstart document workflows or even gather e-signatures as needed.

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Power Automate

Create and automate workflows and tasks across over 220 applications and services, no developer needed. With 10 flow triggers and over 25 different actions, customizing Egnyte workflows for your business processes becomes easy.

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