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On-Premises Deployment

Secure, Simple, Compliant

Cloud On-Premises Hybrid

Egnyte’s On-Premises Deployment, powered by our Storage Connect solution, provides you with VPN-less anywhere access to files stored on premises. With Storage Connect, you get secure file access and sharing without your data or metadata ever passing through the cloud. Your data remains in your control, safely behind the firewall and free from privacy risks. This option is particularly well-suited for those files that can’t go in the cloud, whether it’s for security, privacy, or regulatory requirements.

Maximum Security for Sensitive Content

Maximum Security for Sensitive Content

Allow file access without compromising on security

  • Achieve the highest data privacy with on-premises storage
  • Provide secure, VPN-less access to your on-premises files
  • Ensure that neither your data nor metadata passes through the cloud
Simple and Fast Implementation

Simple and Fast Implementation

Gain cloud-like agility while keeping your files on premises

  • Keep your existing file shares in-place for significantly faster deployments
  • Preserve your existing folder hierarchy and permissions
  • Protect your past infrastructure investment and optimize its utilization
Meet the Strictest Regulatory Standards

Meet the Strictest Regulatory Standards

Satisfy government, industry or corporate compliance

  • Retain complete control over where and how your data is stored
  • Manage your encryption keys and your files too
  • Adhere to industry and corporate compliance standards (e.g., FINRA, HIPAA, Cloud Security Alliance)

Collaboration with full security

  • Enable remote access to sensitive files while keeping them behind your firewall
  • Meet the strictest data residency and compliance standards
  • Enable remote, mobile access to existing on-premises data without the need for migration