Granular Subfolder Level Permission

Manage user permissions at any folder and subfolder level

Egnyte Granular Subfolder Level VS Waterfall Permissions

Benefits of Granular Permissions

Granular Sub-Folder Level Permissions and Hierarchy

Egnyte’s centralized administration model allows permissions to be managed at the directory, folder and subfolder level. IT admin can assign role-based read, write and delete access to any folder for any user or group.

  • Designed to easily fit within your corporate structure
  • Inherited subfolder permissions can be overridden by the owner of the folder or an administrator
  • Ensure only the right user(s) or group has access to the right files

Limitations of Waterfall Permissions

Waterfall Permissions Model Limitations

The inherited parent permissions or waterfall permissions model does not allow a user to be assigned different access permissions for a folder and its subfolders

  • Access to subfolders cannot be restricted
  • Puts sensitive business data at risk
  • Lacks flexibility and scalability
Role-based permissions at the directory, folder and subfolder level

Administrative Controls

  • Create folder hierarchies that reflect your organizational structure
  • Organize files without restrictive ‘waterfall’ permissions
  • Define role-based permissions for all folders and subfolders


  • Manage permissions for your organization and team members
  • Ensure that internal and external users view just the content they are supposed to
  • Maintain visibility and control over all of your content, users, devices and more
Manage permissions with full visibility and control