File Transfer

Secure and Simple Transfer

File transfer

Many business workers utilize myriad devices for work and personal use. They need a simple and secure way to access files from each of those devices without having to save a local copy on each one.

Egnyte creates a global namespace to view all of your files, regardless of where they are physically stored, and provides access to them from any device. Files can be bi-directionally synced via Desktop Sync or Storage Sync to your laptop or local storage from the Cloud File Server for instant file access.

Egnyte seamlessly enables users to transfer files between colleagues, clients and business partners, from any location. The solution accommodates file transfers of any type with a variety of file upload methods to match all transfer needs.

Desktop File Transfer – Map Drive and File Sync

Employees can utilize Desktop Sync or Map Drive to transfer and manage files directly on a user’s desktop. Files and folders on a user’s desktop are synchronized with the cloud – in real time or based on a schedule set by the user. This upload method is recommended for users who prefer a familiar desktop interface to manage files and folders.

Multiple File Transfer – Standard Web Uploader

Using the Egnyte Web interface, users can upload files through any Web browser. The Web uploader allows for multi-file upload with a simple click of a button or by dragging and dropping the files directly into the Web browser. Note - each browser is slightly different for what it supports with drag-and-drop functionality. This upload method is recommended for users uploading files.

Folder Transfer – Java Web Uploader

Need to upload folders? Users can upload folders using the Java uploader through the Egnyte Web UI. Egnyte utilizes the power of Java applet to enable convenient mass uploads. When using the Chrome browser, individuals can simply drag and drop folders straight into the Web UI.

Large File Transfer – Unified FTP

Egnyte's FTP capability allows employees to quickly upload and download large files and folders using any FTP client (e.g., FileZilla). This FTP solution eliminates the need to set up complex traditional FTP servers, while providing all the security benefits of Egnyte. This upload method is recommended for users uploading large files.

Data Migration

Save time and bandwidth by having Egnyte migrate existing data online. Businesses can ship Egnyte a disk drive with the data they wish to transfer. Egnyte then uploads the contents of the disk drive to their Egnyte account, providing an exact copy of the data ready for access. This upload method is recommended for businesses uploading large sets of data above 15 GB and looking to offload the migration process to Egnyte.