Shared Folders

Shared Folders Secure Team Folders for Project Collaboration

Egnyte lets users create shared folders that can correspond to a project, department or client, enabling employees, clients, contractors and vendors to securely collaborate from anywhere.

Shared Folders with Permissions

Shared Folders with Permissions

Egnyte enables administrators to setup a central scheme for sharing folders and files with business partners and internal teams. Administrators and Power Users can control folder access using granular access permissions to ensure that the right information is given to the right individuals when they need it. This strict level of permissions helps ensure the security and privacy around business files, restricting individuals from accessing files outside of their department, team or project.

File Sharing Methods

Egnyte provides a wide variety of ways in which users can access files in shared folders.

  • Mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile allow both employees and business partners to access shared folders via mobile devices.
  • All users also have access using a standard Web browser on any computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Administrators can configure shared folders as map drives, enabling convenient file drag, drop and edit capabilities for Mac and Windows users.
  • Egnyte Storage Sync synchronizes folders with their computer, the cloud and local storage systems for access and collaboration – online or offline.
  • With all access methods, folder-based permissions are strictly enforced.
File Sharing Methods