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Web Links Send Files and Folders through Managed Links

Send Files and Folders

Egnyte enables users to create file links for individual files or entire folders. These links can be easily placed in emails, documents or web pages, allowing recipients to instantly download and access them from any device.

File Links

File Links

Egnyte provides file-sharing options for files and folders to users outside of an organization that are not provisioned on the file server. File Links* allow employees to create a link to one or more files or folders that can easily be emailed, embedded in a presentation or project file, or shared through social media.

Restrictions can be easily applied to links for sharing internally and externally. Links can expire after a chosen time period (e.g., seven days or two weeks) or number of clicks (e.g., expire after the link is clicked five times). Links can also be password protected by the sender to ensure only recipients with the corresponding password can download the files.

For audit and security purposes, administrators can look at all active file or public folder links and determine which employee created the links. As an additional security measure, administrators can also delete links at any time.

Upload Links

Do you need to request files from collaborators? Create upload links to invite people to upload files to your project folder. Recipients can simply open the link with any Web browser and upload the requested files. Best of all, no login is required to upload files, so you can invite any collaborator, regardless of whether they're a user in your Egnyte account or not. In order to maintain folder privacy, individuals that upload files cannot see the contents of the project folders where they are uploading. There is also an option to have the uploaded files go into a single folder or into subfolders from each individual that submits files for instant file organization. The subfolder will be labeled with the name of the person that submitted the files.

Some common use cases include:

  • Competing vendors submitting bids on projects
  • Students submitting coursework to faculty
  • Agencies submitting proposals and samples
Upload Links

*Downloads via links are limited to a total of 5GB/day and 60GB/month on Office and Business plans