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Egnyte Cloud Control

Egnyte Cloud Control is a next generation content storage and sharing infrastructure solution, offering enterprises complete control that is cloud and device agnostic and can scale to thousands of users across different geographies.

IT Departments have a unique and complex set of challenges when defining their cloud strategy. They must balance sensitivities to where data resides for regulatory and reporting needs, with investments in existing infrastructure and the demands of a savvy workforce that expects BYOD, anywhere access and data mobility.

Keep content behind your firewall

Egnyte Cloud Control facilitates access and sharing of content stored behind your firewall, meeting the strictest regulatory needs. Users can access files through a single global name space regardless of where files are located. Access can occur from desktops, web browsers and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Cloud Control enables you to maintain the highest level of security by centrally managing and authenticating users using your corporate IDP like Microsoft AD, LDAP or SAML 2.0.

Leverage existing data stores

Egnyte Cloud Control enables you to cloud enable existing data stores. Unlike current approaches that require you "go to the cloud" by moving vast amounts of data, Cloud Control is designed to deliver access and sharing to data stores "in place" by presenting a global name space to users. Within your network Egnyte will leverage existing file structures and shares and does not force deployment of proprietary file systems.

Create highly optimized storage networks

Egnyte Cloud Control enables you to stitch together a quilt of different storage devices and cloud types, giving users access to files irrespective of their geography, device or type of storage cloud. Storage nodes can be strategically placed in different geographies to take advantage of access patterns. Content can also live in third party storage such as AWS S3, Microsoft Azure, HP public cloud or in Egnyte's public cloud.

Egnyte Cloud Control provides the best of both worlds, Private Cloud security with Public Cloud benefits.

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