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Web Access

Powerful Web User Interface

Web access

The Egnyte Web UI provides a central access point for 100% of business files. A user can simply log in via any Web browser from any computer to harness the full power of Egnyte’s suite of file services.

From the Web UI, users simply navigate to their account (domain.egnyte.com) and log in with their credentials to gain access to all directories, folders and subfolders in which they have access. Clicking on folders opens the list of files that users can preview, share or download. It allows users to download entire folder contents at the click of a button.

The Web UI also provides easy action tools to manage files and folders. Folders can be created, shared, downloaded, copied and bookmarked from every navigation screen. Folder permissions can also be set at any subfolder level, ensuring only the right users can view and modify folder contents.