File Access

Intuitive File Access from Any Device

Many business workers utilize myriad devices for work and personal use. They need a simple and secure way to access files from each of those devices without having to save a local copy on each one.

Egnyte creates a global namespace to view all of your files, regardless of where they are physically stored, and provides access to them from any device. Files can be bi-directionally synced via Desktop Sync or Storage Sync to your laptop or local storage from the Cloud File Server for instant file access.

Smartphone File Sharing

Mobile Access

Egnyte mobile apps enable users to access and share files from any mobile devices. You can access and download any file from the mobile app, such as presentations, CAD drawings, multimedia files, and spreadsheets.

Intuitive Desktop Access

Intuitive Desktop Access

Egnyte seamlessly integrates with any computer, providing intuitive file access and management from your PC or Mac. Do you prefer network drives? Using Egnyte Map Drive, you can turn your online folders into a virtual directory. Need offline access to your files? Egnyte Desktop Sync provides you with uninterrupted file access and editing even without Internet connectivity.

Fast Local Access

Blazing Fast Local Access

With Egnyte Storage Sync, you can transform any existing storage or server into a central access point. Employees in the office can access and collaborate at incredible LAN speeds without clogging Internet bandwidth and sync those files to the Cloud File Server based on schedules set by IT (or in real time) that best meet the needs of the business. .

Web UI

Powerful Web UI

With Egnyte, you can access all your files on any computer by simply logging in to Egnyte from any Web browser. The Web UI creates a central location to manage 100% of your files and access Egnyte’s full suite of file services.

Application Access

Application Access

Does your office use Google Docs, Microsoft Outlook, DocuSign and Egnyte integrates with a wide range of business applications for improved collaboration and business processes across your organization. Check out the full list here.

File Transfer and FTP

File Transfer and FTP

Egnyte provides a simple solution for transferring large files and folders. No more worrying about email file size limitations or setting up complicated FTP servers. You can securely and reliably transfer files between coworkers, clients and business partners.

Network Accelleratiors

Network Accelerators

Global Network Acceleration paired with Egnyte's cross-office sync capability enable access speeds in orders of magnitude faster than cloud-only solutions.