Welcome & Featured Customer Story

Join us for a brief welcome to the 2021 Egnyte Exchange Global Summit and a feature customer story with Spencer Mains, CIO of Environmental Sciences Associates, on how Egnyte protects and governs their most valuable and sensitive content.

Vineet Jain

Opening Remarks & Egnyte's Product Vision

Kick off today's event with opening remarks and an introduction into how Egnyte is helping companies maintain optimal balance between content risk and value, and innovating around three foundational principles of control simplicity, collective responsibility and defense in depth.

David Spitz

Market Trends & Insights

Take a peek into the latest Egnyte research on how businesses are adapting to the rapidly changing data risk landscape, including unique insights from IT and Security leaders on everything from ransomware to data privacy.

Brittany Carambio

New Product Announcements

Join Egnyte's leading product visionaries as they share new product announcements in ransomware protection and recovery, content safeguards, secure file delivery and how Egnyte is extending its secure ecosystem with new partnerships.

David Spitz
Rajesh Ram
Ramin Farassat
Jeff Sizemore

Closing Remarks & Featured Customer Story

Wrap up by listening to a large financial services institution share how Egnyte is serving as their unified content governance and collaboration solution, and the peace of mind that it's given them.

David Spitz

Compliance and Data Privacy Mandates Every C-Suite Should Know

Learn about new compliance and privacy mandates important to everyone in the C-Suite. Hear from Enza Iannopollo, Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/E), who helps organizations worldwide embed privacy and ethics into their strategic initiatives through approaches that deliver business growth while protecting customers’ and employees’ trust and brand reputation.

Enza Iannopollo

Customer Panel: Content Security and Privacy Rights Management

Hear from customers, industry experts and executives regarding the challenges of discovering, classifying, and securing sensitive data. They'll also talk about adhering to global and federal compliance and privacy mandates, and properly governing data from disparate sources in a hybrid work model. This session will include a discussion about the benefits of Truyo and Egnyte’s integration and why privacy and content security are becoming critical priorities for organizations.

Julie Giannini
Michael Farrar
Michael Helbusch
Dan Clarke
Jeff Sizemore

New AEC Product Capabilities to Streamline Your Projects

Learn how to keep projects on-time and on-budget with seamless data protection, file sharing, and collaboration that shortens workflows and eliminates hidden operational costs. Explore how Egnyte's unified platform for AEC improves productivity, decreases risks, and reduces costs across organizations.

Ronen Vengosh
VP AEC and Business Development
Neil Lovelace
IT Manager
Hari Krishnan

MSP Breakout: How Egnyte Helps Partners Serve, Protect, and Grow

Join us to talk about how Egnyte’s MSP partner program helps service providers sell, deploy, and manage solutions to protect clients’ unstructured data. We will discuss the new and expanding partner portal where partners can find an array of resources like guided training and marketing materials. We will also discuss some new and exciting projects underway to facilitate Egnyte partnering with MSPs for growth and success.

Eric Anthony

Product Deep Dive: 5 Ways to Maximize Your Data Governance

Potential threats to the security of enterprise data are evolving faster than most organizations can keep up. Join us to discuss 5 practical ways that Egnyte helps improve data security, including detecting and recovering from ransomware, managing insider threats and protecting your company's sensitive content.

Jeff Sizemore
Neil Jones

Training: When Ransomware Goes Underground, Bring a Shovel

With evolving attacks, ransomware continues to challenge even the most resilient cybersecurity defenses. Learn how Egnyte uses static signatures and dynamic behaviors to detect ransomware and alert you about its presence. See how we built file recovery into our solution for a true ransomware resilient file system.

Salil Sane

CEO Customer Spotlight with First Republic Bank

Learn about trends in the financial services industry, the intersection of content collaboration and data governance, and new techniques to adapt to the hybrid work era as Vineet Jain, Co-Founder and CEO of Egnyte, sits down with Joe Sarci, Deputy Chief Information Officer at First Republic Bank

Joe Sarci
Vineet Jain

Security for the C-Suite With (ISC)² CEO Clar Rosso

Now, more than ever, information security is a business priority, not just the domain of IT. Business leaders are increasingly attuned to the financial and reputational costs of cyber threats, especially ransomware and insider threats. But real security is more than an IT purchasing decision -- it requires a fundamental cultural shift that needs buy-in from the top levels of the organization. In this session, (ISC)² CEO Clar Rosso will bring her unique perspective to the conversation as the leader of a renowned cybersecurity training and professional association. Rosso will explore how CFOs, CEOs, and COOs should be thinking about the costs of cyber threats, the intersection of company culture and security culture, and strategies to insulate your business against data risk.

Clar Rosso

Risk and Recovery: Ransomware in the AEC

AEC firms are twice as likely to face ransomware attacks as other industries, and they pay an average ransom of more than $220,000, according to a recent Egnyte study. Learn more about these and other insights from the study, including best practices on how to quickly identify, contain, and recover from an attack. Check out our blog: https://www.egnyte.com/blog/post/report-aec-firms-face-greater-risk-of-ransomware

Kevin Soohoo
Robert Simpson

Your Guide to Working with Government Projects

While working on government projects grows your business and provides stability during economic downturns, the complexity of additional regulations can be intimidating. In this session Kris Lahiri, Chief Security Officer at Egnyte, will provide an overview of relevant government regulations, talk best practices and demonstrate how egnyte.gov supports a compliant content environment.

Kris Lahiri
Neil Jones

MSP Breakout: Are You Ready for SMB Data Compliance Requirements?

Join Eric Anthony as he interviews Joseph Brunsman, cybersecurity law and cyber insurance expert, about the future of compliance and data protection requirements for SMB clients. The session will provide thought-provoking questions and answers to help you confidently present the immediate threats and soon-to-come requirements for your SMB clients.

Joseph Brunsman
Eric Anthony

Product Deep Dive: Getting the Most out of Smart Cache

Deploying a Smart Cache isn’t just about improving file access speeds. It’s a business continuity tool, a data import tool, and much more. In this session, we’ll show you how leverage the most out of Smart Cache, and how to successfully run your business at the edge.

Hari Krishnan

Training: Gain Control Over Content Sprawl

Every file eventually needs to be deleted. But it's not always easy to know when to delete them, or what to do with them in the meantime. Learn strategies for dealing with the explosion in data growth, and see how Egnyte's intelligent platform makes it easy to manage your content lifecycle.

Jason Wolford

Best Practices for Streamlining Construction Projects

Does your firm run projects the same way it did five years ago, without seeing measurable productivity improvements? Break the cycle with a new approach to secure collaboration. Watch a panel of your peers discuss lessons learned from applying technology to directly improve project execution.  

Chris Schmitt

Challenges and Opportunities for High-Growth Biotechs

High-growth biotech companies live at the intersection of several key trends that can drag on their businesses—expanded levels of outsourcing, increased types and amounts of data, and the constant threat of cyberattacks. Tune in to learn how Egnyte is working to tackle these challenges with a unified platform for secure collaboration, regulatory compliance, and data security, setting high-growth biotechs up for success.

Holly Wilson Leslie
James Allgood

MSP Roundtable: Risks and Opportunities for MSPs and SMB clients

Join Egnyte's Eric Anthony and Dave Sobel, industry expert and host of the Business of Tech podcast, along with two MSPs to discuss how current risks and the opportunity to protect clients are deeply entwined. Learn what your peers are doing to initiate those conversations, protect their clients, and create additional streams of revenue for their business.

Eric Anthony
John Vlahos
Eric Tomah
Dave Sobel

Product Deep Dive: Finding and Protecting Sensitive Content in Email

Emails often contain the most sensitive information in your organization, which makes them subject to the most risk. Review Egnyte's intelligent classification capabilities in Egnyte, including new email classification for Gmail. Learn how to use Egnyte to inspect and protect emails as you would any other file.

Sean Puttergill

Training: Boost Productivity with M365 and Google Workspace

Nearly every company uses Microsoft or Google for collaboration. While familiar and easy to use, these tools sometime suffer from a lack of simple yet powerful data protection and governance. Join us as we discuss Engyte's integrations with these global productivity tools and how are helping companies effectvely govern content that flows within them.

Art Mimnaugh

Top Findings and Insights from Egnyte's New Data Governance Trends Report

Learn about the latest research on cloud security, data governance, and how IT leaders are preparing for the future of digital work. The Egnyte Data Governance Trends Report is based on responses from 400 CIOs and CISOs regarding the state of their data governance programs and the threats that keep them up at night. We'll dissect some of the most surprising and revealing findings, and share real-world examples that underscore their implications for IT teams of all sizes.    

Brittany Carambio
Neil Jones

Think Big But Start Small: Egnyte's Content Management, Security and Governance Maturity Model

To realize the full value of your organization's content, it must be safe, secure and well-managed throughout its lifecycle. Find out how to use Egnyte's Content Management Maturity Assessment to benchmark your content management processes versus peer companies, and learn the critical steps for getting to the next level of maturity.

Karl Becker

Product Deep Dive: Advances in Data and Privacy Rights Management

Learn how Egnyte integrates with privacy consent management solutions like Truyo and cloud log and metrics analytics platforms like Sumo Logic. Dive into how Egnyte and Truyo work together to change the game for companies looking to automate data and privacy rights management.

Jeff Sizemore
Dan Clarke

Training: Best Practices for Data Security

For both new and experienced Egnyte administrators - especially those focused on data security, our experts will share their Best Practices and Tips in a live walk through of the platform. Everything from configuring multi-factor authentication (MFA) to understanding alerts and how best to remediate sensitive content issues.

Rob Sprague

Closing Remarks

Wrap up the day with closing remarks from Egnyte leadership.

Vineet Jain