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Unchaining Retrophin’s Nationwide workforce with Egnyte

Compared to the other solutions on the table, Egnyte offered considerably better performance, allowing us to decrease storage costs while increasing data tracking capabilities.

Amy Benton
Senior IT Director

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Back in 2015, Retrophin made a big decision: the biopharmaceutical firm would consolidate multiple offices in the United States and take its entire IT operations into the cloud. But, when it decided to close all but its West Coast (San Diego, CA) facility, Retrophin’s data remained on the East Coast in a data center managed by its MSP.

Amy Benton, Retrophin’s Senior IT Director, and Robert Kuhn, had already solved one critical issue in the initial phase of the consolidation; transitioning files from disparate NAS boxes across the multi-office network to a single, cloud-based solution managed by its East Coast-based MSP. Now, it was time to take another major step forward.

“Accessing the cloud-share via VPN from one end of the country to another wasn’t just painfully slow, our people were losing connection, too. A mandate came down from senior management to ‘fix it,” said Robert Kuhn, Senior Information Technology Manager.

“I had come across Egnyte a couple of times and with a little more investigation saw more potential than just performance. We could remove other collaboration blockers as well,” added Kuhn. “We needed a solution that would augment our workflows to keep the drug development on track, regardless of the location of each team.”


Having been impressed by Egnyte’s ability to store, provide access and share files and data from anywhere, Retrophin embarked on what Kuhn describes as “one of the most thorough tests we have ever done,” involving multiple teams. The feedback was unanimously positive and Retrophin quickly moved to the second phase of its modernization project; migrating all corporate files and private folders into Egnyte.

“One of the first things we did was link source documents to Egnyte. This gave us a single point of management and ensured the most current files are always available. Then we started to see more people using the sharing capability - sharing links outside of the company rather than attaching files to emails or using FTP sites, which has improved our data tracking ability and security,”

Robert Kuhn
Director, IT Infrastructure & Security.

In all cases, according to Benton, users found the experience very intuitive and easy to use without any assistance required from IT personnel.


Speed, consistency, ease of access, and security are all critical to Retrophin's employees, whether they're working remotely or from the office. Prior to Egnyte's deployment, traveling employees had to access their data through the firm's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), which required them to login to a separate environment and required additional infrastructure for the IT team to manage.

With security and compliance being major issues in such a highly regulated sector, Egnyte helps Retrophin track where its data is stored, but also where its data travels.

“Egnyte allows colleagues to instantly access files on their tablets and mobile devices. They're not chained to their laptops and can work anywhere. At the same time, we don't get any more requests for VPN access - which gives IT one less thing to manage or worry about.”

Robert Kuhn
Director, IT Infrastructure & Security.

“One thing we have always been asked for is the ability to see if files are being sent in email. If employees are leaving, are they sending emails outside the organization or copying files to hard drives? Egnyte gives us the ability to answer these questions; to track and monitor files, receive alerts and analyze usage, ”said Amy Benton.

From a compliance perspective, Egnyte gives Retrophin the ability to see where all the sensitive data is within its network - and whether it should be there at all, preventing intellectual property loss. According to Kuhn, with the company operating under GDPR and Sarbanes Oxley, this ability to help classify and categorize data is a real value add. With the data security and governance boost and improvements in employee productivity, Retrophin has seen considerable financial savings in less than a year.