Model N

Model NSuccess Story

Model N

Egnyte Connect allowed Model N to better serve our clients with strategic end–to–end solutions.

Dan Willman
Senior Manager of Corporate IT

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Egnyte is focused on helping IT departments “get it”, standardizing and streamlining their teams’ content collaboration. A great example is Model N, a customer focused on helping life sciences, technology, and manufacturing companies centralize revenue management through the cloud.

Taking Back Control

As they migrated away from file servers, the IT team at Model N faced a list of challenges familiar to users of Egnyte Connect. They needed to enable global collaboration across Model N’s offices. They needed to ensure users had reliable, secure access to files with confidential and sensitive data. They needed a flexible file structure to allow subfolder permissions and granular monitoring and control of business content.

The first attempt at a cloud–based file storage solution didn’t hit these benchmarks. IT struggled to monitor and control employee access and were forced to purchase additional tools to migrate data between users. Managers, unable to tell which versions were current, would run out of space as all versions of team members’ files piled up in their repositories.

“We were working with the provider to try to manage the challenges as best as possible, mitigating data loss and enduring a tedious process to restrict unauthorized data sharing, but this was becoming more and more cumbersome,” Willman recounts.

Egnyting Global Collaboration

“After learning about Egnyte, not only did we see a path to solving our complex issues, it was safe to say that the ability to integrate across a variety of platforms was a significant upside,” says Willman. Model N users had a single sign-on, could easily transfer files, and could create and edit documents from within Egnyte.

Model N leveraged Egnyte Connect Desktop Sync to create shared, cloud–based collaborative workspaces for each employee. They were also pleasantly surprised with some of Egnyte’s ancillary benefits, like Egnyte’s strategic partnership with Microsoft and integrations across Microsoft’s range of products.

“The biggest beneficiaries of Egnyte at Model N are the finance, legal and HR departments. Having granular control and shared permissions with Egnyte is the solution we needed for smart content collaboration,” according to Model N Senior IT specialist Ben Yik.

Additional Solutions

Model N took advantage of Egnyte’s award–winning customer support to develop additional enterprise content solutions.

The Right User—And Only the Right User

Egnyte Connect’s subfolder permissions allowed Model N to share subfolders and/or individual files without sharing the corresponding top–level folders with trusted external users like customers or consultants.

Seamless Sync, Globally

Egnyte’s hybrid deployment lets Model N employees collaborate as if they’re in the same office, no matter how far apart they are. Business continuity is always maintained as IT has centralized control over a single correct version of every file.

Robust Auditing

In revenue management, loose ends mean lost money. Thanks to visibility into active and inactive users alike, Model N’s IT department has a clearer understanding of usage and behavior and can create policies accordingly.

All–In on Egnyte

With more than 300 employees using the solution to manage more than 8 terabytes of data, Model N is all in. The California and Denver offices have migrated completely to Egnyte, and Model N plans to leverage Egnyte’s DocuSign integration to further streamline workflows.

The company looks forward to continuing to orchestrate an evolving digital workplace hand–in–hand with Egnyte.