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Egnyte and Google Apps

Egnyte for Google Drive

Extend Google Drive with Egnyte Enterprise File Services

*You must be a Google Apps customer with administrative rights to integrate Egnyte.

By extending Google Drive with Egnyte enterprise file services, organizations can:

  • Enable admin-controlled collaboration with complete visibility of data, users and access permissions.
  • Move file servers to the cloud by migrating departmental and group shares, while preserving folder hierarchies, permissions and files with no loss of fidelity
  • Leverage on-premises storage for use cases requiring local access for latency or privacy reasons
  • Build a global namespace for complete visibility across 100% of files stored on premises and in the cloud
admin-controlled collaboration

Enable Admin-controlled Collaboration

  • Enable collaboration with internal and external users while maintaining complete visibility over data, users and permissions
  • Manage on/off-boarding users without compromising data ownership
  • Combat bandwidth issues associated with large file transfer to increase productivity
Leverage On-Premise Storage

Leverage On-Premises Storage

  • Integrate with local storage, such as EMC, NetApp, NETGEAR and Windows File Servers, to optimize existing investments
  • Gain 24/7 connectivity to business files stored in Drive or local storage though bi-directional synchronization
  • Comply with government and industry data privacy regulations (e.g., FINRA, HIPAA, EU-US Privacy Shield Framework, and more)
Make the Cloud Your File Server

Move Your File Servers to the Cloud

  • Migrate existing file shares to the cloud with no loss in structure or permissions
  • Establish full administrative visibility across the share and setup sub-admins across subsets of the hierarchy as needed
  • Leverage Drive as the storage platform for your file shares and obtain 360-degree view and reporting over all files
Make the Cloud Your File Server

Build a Global Namespace

  • Simplify IT control and auditing of all files across the organization to enforce company-wide policy compliance
  • Unify access to all files stored on premises and in Drive using one interface
  • Access and share large files stored on premises without a VPN from anywhere using any device

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*You must be a Google Apps customer with administrative rights to integrate Egnyte.

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