Egnyte October updates and annoucements
October Newsletter
We are proud to announce the arrival of Egnyte's new Storage Connect offering, the latest addition to our Enterprise File Sharing solution. Imagine if you could directly connect any on-premises storage to any smartphone, tablet or PC, WITHOUT files being stored in the cloud. To learn more about Storage Connect, check out the Tips & Tricks section or attend the webinar series below.

Storage Connect for Businesses

A recent IDG study reported that 60% of companies believe that cloud file sharing has compromised their data security. Respondents also reported that on average 61 percent of all files would always need to be stored locally since IT has low confidence in the security of cloud-only storage methods.

Our latest product announcement, Storage Connect, provides businesses with a secure way to access and share these files from any smartphone, tablet or computer without going to the cloud, eliminating the myriad security threats associated with cloud-only file sharing solutions. Customers can now access all of their files regardless of where files are stored - in any on-premises storage, in any cloud, or a combination of both.

Read CMO Barry Phillips' blog post on the announcement and how it can enhance the security of your files.

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Customer Spotlight

"At Calvary we needed a way to keep our remote staff connected. Egnyte's Storage Connect enabled us to make certain files available to remote staff members via the cloud, giving them anywhere anytime access. For me, being able to keep sensitive files stored locally gives me the control over files that I need. Without Storage Connect, we would not have been able to create the secure file sharing infrastructure that we use today."
Keith Andresen, Sr. Network Administrator
Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale
Webinar Series
Webinar Series
Interested in learning more about how Storage Connect can help you keep your files secure? Attend the upcoming webinar and learn how Egnyte customer Calvary Chapel is using Storage Connect to take advantage of the cloud while keeping all files on-prem.
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