Egnyte Update: Choose where your files are stored
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Egnyte Newsletter: Control where your files are stored

This edition of Egnyte Update is focused around having the power to choose where your files are stored. Don't forget the Tips & Tricks section for good information on maximizing the security of your files.

Enterprise IT has long focused on optimizing resources and taking advantage of cost effective third party solutions where they made sense. As cloud compute and cloud storage solutions matured, commoditization and competitive forces have begun a price war that IT must take advantage of. Amazon, Google and Microsoft all reduced prices between 25%-30% in Q4 2012 alone in what has become a race to the bottom.

As a result of the dropping third party cloud prices, we are very excited about our recent announcement around support for third party cloud services. By giving you the power to choose which cloud you want to store your files in, you can see a cost savings benefit from the ongoing price wars. Why did we decide to take this approach to enterprise file sharing?

Read the blog from our CEO here

"Amazon-Google cloud price war heats up" - CNET

"Amazon, Google slash cloud storage prices more than 25 percent"
Ars Technica

Report from the trenches"Egnyte has saved my life! As a retail business owner with 6 locations and 50 employees with various job responsibilities distributed across those locations, efficient sharing of data is vital. Egnyte has provided the ideal solution; a hybrid solution. Our data can be accessed across our LAN locally where speed is required, but data can also be accessed remotely via the Egnyte cloud service from other locations as and when employees need access.

While Egnyte has not literally saved my life, it has saved me enormous time, stress, and money by providing a reliable cloud based hybrid service that works quietly in the background."

- Review by Matthew Cole

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Productivity HackerDo you want tighter login authentication for web and mobile? Are you interested in leveraging the third party cloud solutions you already use? Is understanding what your employees have been accessing by running audit reports important to you?

Tips & Tricks

Choose where your files are stored
You can now access and share files from Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure and NetApp StorageGRID.
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Edit files from the browser
The new WebEdit feature lets Power Users edit a file directly from the browser and save the changes back into Egnyte! Egnyte WebEdit is currently in pre-beta.
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Password protect files on the go
The new iOS apps enable you to not only password protect files, but set file access expiration dates, all from your phone or tablet.
Enhanced Link Audit Reporting
Now when you run a File Audit Report you will also be able to track link creation, link deletion, link downloads and see the IP address and location of the download.
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Next 45 Days

Personal Settings Dashboard
Do you have an updated email address? Do you want to see how many of your devices are syncing with Egnyte? A new personal settings page will enable you to edit your personal Egnyte preferences and see which devices are syncing with Egnyte.
Office 2013 Integration
The new Office 2013 gives you the option to save files directly to your cloud under "Places." Personal Local Cloud will soon be a Places option.
We want you to test drive new features!
Concerned about security and mobile devices? We have some new features that will help and we're looking for a few customers to give them a spin. Contact us to learn more!