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Are BYOD and security opposing IT initiatives?

Over the past year, BYOD (bring your own device) has become a hot topic in both small businesses and large corporations. Allowing employees to bring their own device gives them flexibility for where and when they can work. However, without proper security IT can quickly lose control of corporate data. Should your business have a BYOD policy? The articles below share some insight on how to create a safe BYOD atmosphere while maintaining control over company files.

"How the Cloud Can Save You From a 'BYOD' Tech Nightmare" by Amy Gahran, Entrepreneur

"BYOD-friendly or BYOD-adverse? Critical criteria for picking a cloud vendor" by Anthony Kennada, GigaOm

"Dual-identity smartphones could bridge BYOD private, corporate divide" by Lucas Mearian, Computerworld

Integrate with Egnyte

Join the EgnytePlus partner program today!

The EgnytePlus partner program offers select partners and customers the ability to integrate with Egnyte via Application Program Interfaces (APIs). Companies who are accepted to the developer program will receive sample code, documentation and support in taking their applications to the next level. They can also apply for EgnytePlus partner certification, which gives them access to special training and joint promotional activities.

The initial launch of the private beta of our public REST API will provide access to all file system actions including file uploads/downloads, giving both your existing and potential customers access to a secure Egnyte cloud. If you are interested in participating, please contact us at

Customer Insight

"This is both an Egnyte, and an Android phone story. I am an attorney and I was sitting at my in-laws lake house one Saturday, which is 200 miles from my office. I received an email from a client who was in desperate need of some documents. Just a couple of years ago this would have resulted in no good response until Monday, or some serious scrambling on a Saturday to make it happen. However, with Egnyte, I was able to sit on the deck with my feet up, looking out at the lake, and respond to the email. Within the email I accessed my Egnyte folder on my phone and attached all of the requested documents and sent them to the satisfied client.

This whole process took about 5, no more than 7, minutes. Definitely an Egnyte success story."

-Michael Walenciak, Ferguson Law Group, P.C.

Tips & Tricks

Relax, your mobile data is safe

Worried about lost or stolen mobile devices accessing your business files? Secure your Egnyte mobile app with local storage control, passcode protection and automatic file wipe.

Chrome + Egnyte = more speed

Want a faster way to access Egnyte? Download the Google Chrome Egnyte add-on and get Egnyte right on your web browser homepage!

Download now

Keep hackers out

You can now define password rotation policies, and enable account lockouts on failed logins, preventing unauthorized access.

Next 45 Days

Your storage or ours - you choose

In the release planned before year-end, we are giving our channel partners the ability to store your files in any 3rd party cloud - Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure or NetApp StorageGRID.

New compliance reporting

Keep your audit reports saved in Egnyte! Account administrators now have access to an audit archive tab where all generated reports are stored for future viewing.

Drag-and-drop anywhere

You will be able to drag-and-drop files anywhere on the web interface, even drop files directly within the folder navigation tree!

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