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Isis Innovation

Success Story

Isis Innovation
With offices located in Oxford and Hong Kong, employees needed a fast and secure way of sharing information back and forth. Egnyte enabled us to save our employees time by providing them with a secure file sharing infrastructure. Nelson Sa, Business Consultant Isis Innovation

Isis Innovation

Sharing Revolutionary Ideas With the World

For 25 years, Isis Innovation has helped the University of Oxford share breaking new ideas with the world. Isis Innovation Ltd is a subsidiary of the University of Oxford. The company has three main areas of business: assisting the university in commercializing intellectual property; helping Oxford University researchers to identify and manage consulting opportunities; and providing consulting expertise in technology transfer through its division, Isis Enterprise.

Last year, Isis filed 100 patent applications on behalf of Oxford University. It currently manages 470 patent application families and 700 license agreements for the University. Technology is licensed to companies who invest in developing, marketing and selling products in a timely and ethical manner. Additionally, Isis has assisted the University in forming more than 70 University spin-off companies, such as Oxford Cancer Biomarkers Ltd, Oxford Imaging Detectors Ltd and Intelligent Ultrasound, among many others.

Opportunity: Connect Two Offices

Employees at Isis Enterprise worked in one of two locations, either in Oxford or in a satellite office in Hong Kong. Additionally, many employees are frequently out of the office working remotely. As the experts in helping governments improve their technology transfer, Isis personnel are often out on client sites. Before Egnyte, they were using a Citrix Access Gateway server, located in the Oxford office, to store their files. Employees in Hong Kong had to use VPN to access the server in Oxford, which was slow, cumbersome, and unmanageable.

Challenge: Securely Share Data

Employees wanted a cloud file sharing solution, but they needed to guarantee their files were secure. Recognizing the need to keep company information secure, Nelson Sa, Business Consultant at Isis, set out to look for a cloud solution. One of their consultants found Egnyte and they set up a trial with a small subset of their users. They tested sync, file sharing, mobile access and server setup and knew it was the solution they needed.

Solution: File Sharing Infrastructure

After the trial period, Isis decided to roll out an Enterprise Local Cloud deployed as a VM on an existing server to the office in Oxford. They also set up an Office Local Cloud on a NETGEAR NAS device in their Hong Kong office. By having two local cloud solutions deployed in their main office, users had the benefits of fast, local access to their files and their files were always up to date since the two solutions synced with each other and the cloud.

Sa likes the flexibility Egnyte offers the company and it saves the company time. They set up Egnyte and were up and running within days. Egnyte's unique approach to security ensured company files were kept secure. Egnyte's access security ensures all users must go through the authentication process when accessing their files. User permissions are granularly enforced at every folder and sub-folder level, ensuring users only have access to the correct folders. Egnyte's compliance with the EU Safe Harbor framework was also another very important feature for Isis.

So far, Sa has seen the benefits of time and cost savings Egnyte provides Isis. Employees work more efficiently with anytime anywhere access to their files.

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