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There are only a handful of business tools that are at the center of what we do as a company. Egnyte is definitely one of them. Zack Katkin, Co-founder and CEO Atilus


Stellar Services for the Sunshine State

Atilus is a regional Internet advertising and digital marketing agency that provides full services for hundreds of clients throughout the state of Florida and elsewhere. The company prides itself on overachieving on client expectations by executing on end-to-end, mid-to-large scale web development and online marketing initiatives. The detailed nature of these projects requires Atilus’ staff of designers and developers to be highly efficient and communicative in order to meet the tight deadlines and budget constraints. As an SMB, Atilus also strives to be cost-efficient at all times to deliver maximum value for its customers.

Challenges: Nothing in Common

Before Atilus deployed Egnyte, file sharing internally and externally was one area of the company’s operations that proved to be one of the least efficient. The company relied on its employee computers and file servers as its primary file management System and used email and USB storage media to share files among employees and with clients. With the staff constantly sharing many different types and sizes of files, maintaining version control and providing easy, but secure access was a never-ending challenge.

Atilus evaluated a number of enterprise file sharing solutions such as Google Drive, Hightail, and Box with the goal of providing anytime, anywhere access to files and the ability to collaborate from a common platform. The company established ease-of-use as its key purchase criterion followed closely by cost efficiency, security, and performance. After considering and rejecting a number of other cloud-based file sharing options, Atilus selected Egnyte as the solution that best met its criteria. In turn, Atilus has the distinction of becoming one of the first customers of the Egnyte cloud solution, which it has used for more than seven years.

Benefits: Egnyte at the Center of Atilus’s Business

With Egnyte, Atilus standardized the company’s entire file storage and management needs using a common platform. Atilus gained additional benefits such as file security, enhanced folder structures, and dynamic version control – all elements that were difficult or impossible using its legacy file sharing methods. The company also achieved cost savings by minimizing the maintenance and operations costs of its hardware file servers. “We learned that the cost of using Egnyte was actually less than the costs required to operate the file servers in the legacy environment,” noted Katkin.

However, the hallmark benefit of using Egnyte was in how simple it was to deploy and use. The company found the initial set up to be highly intuitive and the navigation through the Egnyte platform to be very simple. Egnyte also delivered enhanced file folder management and naming conventions that made searching for files and information very easy. “Using Egnyte was as easy as storing files on a computer but with the added benefits of an enterprise file sharing system such as enhanced collaboration, security, and performance,” said Katkin. “This ease-of-use and the other benefits resulted in us communicating better, which saves both time and money.”

Egnyte was so easy for Atilus to use, the company often recommends the solution to its clients who have similar file-sharing challenges. With clients in a number of different industries such as Construction, Real Estate, Manufacturing, etc. communicating and collaborating through Egnyte links makes everyone’s job easier. For Atilus itself, Egnyte continues to serve as a business tool that is core to the company’s day-to-day operations.

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