Cloud Migration Manager

Data migration without the disruption

The easy way to cloud-enable content

Simple, secure, and seamless way to migrate your content to the cloud while preserving file metadata and NTFS permissions.

Replace file servers

Trying to move Windows file servers to the cloud can break access permissions and lead to loss of file metadata. Egnyte has a better alternative, which maintains file metadata and permissions, and even supports a phased migration

Archive with ease

There’s no need to pay for an expensive archive service with separate admin and user experiences. Instead, use Egnyte Archive, to migrate your inactive data to the archive domain.

Preserve permissions

Every business has unique folder access requirements and it can be very time consuming to have to rebuild them in order to ensure security and a seamless experience. CMM does this automatically along with an exception report so there are no surprises.

Set up in minutes

Minimize time to value with a solution that’s up and running in no time. Our intuitive user interface makes it easy to migrate large amounts of files, folders, and permissions, fast.

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