Cloud Migration Manager

A quick secure way to migrate data to the cloud

Many of today’s cloud migration solutions are too disruptive. Check out our simple and reliable solution to migrate data from on-premises storage to the cloud with Egnyte Connect.
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Migrate your data with ease

Migrate your data with ease

The set up is straightforward and easy, so you can migrate large amounts of files, folders, and folder permissions with less time commitment.

A simple and intuitive user interface guides you through the process.

This solution supports migration of data from any CIFS-compatible platform.

There is minimal disruption to users. If users make changes to files or folders during migration, Cloud Migration Manager ensures that the latest content is migrated to the cloud with Egnyte Connect.

Always know the status of your data

The Cloud Migration Manager carefully keeps records of all activity during the migration process. This can help you to meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

Migration results are summarized and displayed in a dashboard. If any errors are identified, an admin can resolve the errors and resume the migration process.

Your data is also secure throughout the entire migration process with data encryption at end points, in transit, and at rest.

Always know the status of your data

Optimize your IT cost

Your organization will see immediate benefits from the productivity gains and cost savings of moving to the cloud.

Move forward with your cloud-first initiatives and eliminate the need for on-premises infrastructure to host files.

The whole data migration process becomes easier. You can troubleshoot and fix potential issues without relying on consultants.

Start Migrating Your Data Now