Content Protection Best Practices

Content Protection Best Practices- Egnyte Blog

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for more and more businesses, making it critical for business leaders to identify the risks before data breaches occur. We hosted an #EgnyteChat on Content Protection Best Practices in early June, an open discussion weighing in on the best practices your organization can implement and the challenges that lay ahead.

Content Protection Best Practices- Egnyte Blog

Data comes in all shapes and sizes, particularly unstructured, and creates a lack of visibility since some of it is stored in the cloud, on your phone and even on your desktop. Since only a certain percentage of the data is valuable, organizations need to determine what percentage of the content to protect. And with data being touched by the cloud, meaning it is either created by an app or stored in the cloud, one of the top challenges facing businesses will be to prevent data breaches. While you mainly hear about external data breaches reported by the media, internal data breaches pose an immediate, constant threat to businesses. Malicious employees create damages more costly and damaging than outsiders. And even the most well-intentioned employees can put your business at risk.

Content Protection Best Practices- Egnyte Blog

Beyond compliance fines and being thrust into a spiraling PR crisis with more twists and turns than an episode of Game of Thrones, businesses face a plethora of hidden costs. Cyber security insurance premium increases, operational disruption and contract revenue losses account for the hidden costs that ultimately devalue the brand and investor confidence bearing a long road to recovery.

Content Protection Best Practices- Egnyte Blog

Given the amount of content a business generates, it can be an overwhelming task to identify what information actually needs to be protected. The simplest way to figure this out is to classify it into three separate categories:Intellectual Property - All businesses have competitive differentiators, if you’re in manufacturing, your processes are your secret sauce. Media companies need to protect their breaking news and journalistic sources. Trade secrets and financials are vital to an organization’s success.Regulated Content - If you’re in a heavily regulated industry, such as finance or healthcare, your business must abide by regulations like HIPAA or FINRA. Plus, businesses will need to be GDPR compliant when it rolls out May 2018.Contractual Obligations - It’s common practice to exercise discretion in business matters and this extends to contracts, proposals and documents that vendors and clients do not want to share externally.

Content Protection Best Practices- Egnyte Blog

A one-size fits all approach doesn’t work for every business and with that being said, you can’t afford any cybersecurity hiccups either. It’s imperative to strike a balance between security and productivity to achieve the best ROI. For starters, organizations need to have clear security criteria in place to protect business critical content. Your employees simply using strong passwords won’t cut it. Businesses need to use links with passwords and expiration date to decrease data leakage of sensitive or confidential content.As we confirmed through our #EgnyteChat, businesses need to leverage content classification and access control as part of a robust information governance strategy. We look forward to continuing the conversation around data breaches and encourage you to join us for a demo on June 29th at 11am PT/ 2pm ET.

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