A Look at How Egnyte Users Consumed Content

After announcing our new Content Intelligence file service in January, I thought it would be a good time to share some insights we’ve seen across a sample of our customers’ content consumption over the past few months.Now, keep in mind that 100% of Egnyte’s customers are paying customers, which means our data may be skewed more toward business users than any other solution on the market (e.g., consumer-focused, free offerings).Let’s start by looking at the adoption patterns of a hybrid file-sharing deployment model. In the majority of the roll-out scenarios, the first files added to our solution are non-confidential, non-regulated and get hosted in the cloud (Egnyte’s cloud or other cloud provider).As usage picks up and expands beyond the “core” workforce (e.g., workers on the job site for construction or creative teams for advertising) to finance or legal employees for sensitive files or more delicate use cases, the cloud deployment extends to on-premises storage. The motivations behind this could be regulations, return on investment (to leverage the existing infrastructure and reduce bandwidth costs), or performance (large files, spotty Internet access).The early adoption stage typically starts with a pure-cloud deployment and expands in large enterprises within the next few months to a hybrid deployment. As a result, the ability to support hybrid requirements is a key criterion when selecting a file-sharing solution, even though it may not be used on day one.Small and medium businesses (SMBs) collaborate more externally on average than enterprises and mid-market (MM) companies (i.e., companies with more than 500 employees). Our data shows that, in a collaboration group or exchange, there is on average one SMB employee for every 1.5 external users, versus 1.5 employees in a MM or enterprise for 1 external user. This is probably due to the fact that SMBs have to outsource many functions, such as HR, Finance, Marketing and others.

A Look at How Egnyte Users Consumed Content- Egnyte Blog

For this sample, the desktop client is still the preferred option to create and consume content with less overlap than expected between mobile and desktop users.Examining the data more deeply, only 20% of desktop client users have the mobile application, and only 30% of the mobile users have the desktop client. This highlights that a lot of users are working with Egnyte from their main offices with their desktop clients or are a specialized mobile workforce (e.g., sales, construction site worker, client relationship in advertising) exclusively using mobile devices and tend to have both smartphones and tablets. When in the non-typical environment, they would use our Web UI for this limited amount of time.

A Look at How Egnyte Users Consumed Content- Egnyte Blog

Microsoft still rules the desktop content world, but Apple is king of mobile content workers. 70% of our desktop clients are downloaded from a Windows machine, while 80% of our mobile clients are deployed on iOS.

A Look at How Egnyte Users Consumed Content- Egnyte Blog

While the majority of the clients are on smartphones, most of the collaborative activities occur on tablets. This is due to the real estate of the screen, ability to more easily preview files, and (to a lesser extent) modify them (note - desktop is the preferred device to alter content).

A Look at How Egnyte Users Consumed Content- Egnyte Blog

Do you recognize yourself in these usage patterns? Do you want to share some insights into how you are using our solution in a creative way? We are always interested in learning more about how our customers use our solution and how we can help improve your experience with our services! Feel free to share your feedback at Blog@Egnyte.com.

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