News and Perspectives on Content Governance

New Email-Based Malware Campaigns Target Businesses
A new series of email-based malware distribution campaigns claim to be from the copyright owner of images found on the target website.

Voice Phishing Targeting Corporate VPNs
A new type of phishing attack is growing in popularity. One in particular is a voice phishing service that uses a combination of one-on-one phone calls and custom phishing sites to steal VPN credentials from employees.

Cisco Jabber Compromised With Single a Single Text
A single text message sent through Cisco’s Jabber collaboration application was all it took to touch off a self-replicating attack that would spread malware from one Windows user to another, researchers who developed the exploit said.

Threat Detection Company Hit by Ransomware Attack
Cygilent, a threat detection cybsecurity company, has confirmed they were a victim of a recent ransomware attack. The message here? No one is immune, and all need to be prepared.

New From Egnyte

WEBINAR: Ordering the Chaos: Combatting Teams and SharePoint Content Sprawl
Join Microsoft MVP Christian Buckley, Stephen Hand of Tilson and Egnyte’s Kyle Wallstedt to learn why content sprawl such a serious issue for IT leaders, and find out ways that companies are combating sprawl, while still providing end users with access to first-rate tools like OneDrive and Teams.

Improve Your Data Governance While Reducing Cost and Complexity
Here are five best practices every technology leader should know to reduce the IT burden on their teams, while also improving governance, reducing cost, and simplifying operations.

Always-On Content Governance: Lessons from the Front Lines
This new ebook, “Lessons from the Front Lines” explains how four companies gained visibility of, and control over, their unstructured data assets.

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