It’s exciting to see just how much the mobile landscape changes year after year. This year’s Google I/O conference presented the latest and greatest in mobile capability, inspiring us to expand upon our mobile experience even further. Here are five things we’re planning to add to the Egnyte mobile app:

1. Voice/search integrations

Source: The Verge

  • Find your content on Egnyte faster, powered by Google and John legend
  • Speech bubble with Egnyte — use your voice to intelligently pull up content with a simple phrase

2. Revolutionary file previews

Source: The Verge

  • Visualize your files in a whole new environment
  • View project blueprints LIVE with augmented reality
    1. Construction
    2. Fashion
    3. Home Decor

3. Instant apps

Source: Google


  • Leverage secure, seamless, and native file previews with instant apps – all without installing the Egnyte Android app


4. Storage improvements

Source: Androidpit


  • More efficient resource management means smaller app sizes, so you have plenty of room for cat photos and gifs


5. IoT

Source: shutterstock

  • Users can expect to see Egnyte-powered intelligence brought down from the cloud onto your local device




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