Customers of Trimble Prolog, a leading Construction Project Controls system, now have a means to integrate their document management needs with Egnyte!

The integration is completely transparent with customers using the same Prolog interface as before in its native document management system but with Egnyte performing the actual back-end storage via its web API.

Users continue to be able to link content (PDFs, design drawings, images, etc) to all of Prolog’s Construction ERP records (RFIs, Daily Reports, Contracts, Invoices, etc) and view/download content via Prolog’s existing interface as needed.

Prolog users can use Egnyte storage without any retraining at all, and Egnyte users can view content from Prolog without having to use Prolog.

Of course, the integration is fully compliant with Egnyte’s comprehensive security scheme – taking advantage of Egnyte’s ability to authenticate individual Prolog users and grant/restrict access to a fine degree.

If you’d like to leverage both Prolog and Egnyte, and be a part of this match made in heav- … THE CLOUD, please contact Trimble Services at For more information on Prolog, visit or find the app on the Egnyte App Store.

About the Author: Wei Yuen Tan is a Technical Consultant at Trimble. 

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