Between climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to being interviewed at Rockefeller Square in New York, Father’s Day 2017 dished out wonderful experiences for our Egnyters. We want to show our appreciation to all the rock star dads by sharing some of the more adventurous and momentous stories from this Father’s Day.

EgnyteDad Creative Director, Josh Gillick

This is a shot of Josh’s dad heading up the “Baranco Wall” on Mount Kilimanjaro. The father-son duo try to do a yearly trip somewhere around the world, something that tests them and expands their understanding of the cultures around us. Last year, they raced an Auto Rickshaw across much of rural India!

EgnyteDadSenior Director of Corporate Marketing, Joel Vincent

Lights! Camera! Action! Joel and his daughters participated in a fun Father’s Day interview while in New York for the The Tonight Show on NBC.

EgnyteDadsSenior Sales Development Manager, Guillermo Nava

A trophy and a colorful painting are just some of the awesome gifts that Guillermo received this year from his superstar kids!

Senior Marketing Manager, Tim Johnson

Tim’s son married over the weekend so this is an extra special Father’s Day welcoming a new daughter into the family!

EgnyteDadsFinancial Analyst, Avantika Sharma

A lovely day at the park, Avantika and Adrit are getting this baby ready for #SiliconValley.

EgnyteDads Senior Account Executive, Daniel Elsa

As one of our newly minted fathers, Daniel celebrated the cardinal Father’s Day with his wife and baby daughter at a resort in sunny Carmel.

Senior Manager, Training and Development, Amanda Hartman

Amanda’s little bundle of joy enjoyed her first fishing trip in a wooden tugboat with Grandpa!

Fun Fact: Father’s Day became an official holiday in 1972.

How did you celebrate Father’s Day this year? Share your story with the hashtag #EgnyteDads

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