Our focus on business has been razor sharp from day one, and today we cemented the title. After a decade of relentless dedication to meeting our customers’ evolving demands, Egnyte has been recognized as a Leader by thought leaders in every business segment.

PC Mag, who counts small businesses among its main readership, sums it up: “despite flying somewhat under the radar, Egnyte is one of the strongest offerings on the market.”

PC Mag zeroed in on our more business-ready architecture: “Egnyte Business is also designed with a scalable but centralized storage model, rather than the typical distributed model that many storage and sharing products adopt. This translates to a huge degree of control over permissions.”

PC Mag’s delight with our “scalable but centralized storage model” rippled upward to Mid-market and enterprise leaders. Ovum also highlighted the “improved levels of security and content control for admins and compliance officers.” IDC[1], considering larger businesses’ more complex requirements, suggests that “enterprises should consider short-listing Egnyte when there is a mix of content sensitivity needs.”

And of course we’ve acquitted ourselves in the majors. All major enterprise analysts agree that Egnyte is a leader in our space. Our customer service has earned the highest praise, which underscores our company-wide commitment to delivering the best service on the market today – bar none.

That is the reason we’re here, after all. The Egnyte community has a strong foundation of talented Egnyters and loyal, helpful customers of every size. We look forward to continuing to learn from you in the #YearOfTheSpark.

[1] IDC 2016 – EFSS Evaluation: Competitive Review of Sync Performance  by Maureen Fleming & Chandana Gopal

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