How Do They Compare?

As co-tenants of the ‘Leader’ Quadrant in Gartner’s MQ for Enterprise File Sync and Share, Egnyte and Box are frequently compared by analysts and review sites. We don’t mind, as we’d bet on our product against anyone in this space (and we know our customers would too!).

CloudStorageReviewed just published a comparison of Egnyte Connect and Box. In recent months, Cloudwards published findings from a similar study, and IDC released a report comparing various EFSS vendors. The IDC Report only focuses on sync performance, which we covered in a previous article.

A Clear Winner Emerges

The findings in the Cloudwards and CloudStorageReviewed reports are summarized below. Feel free to refer to the original reviews, linked above, for more information.

Capability / Attribute Winning Vendor (By Cloudwards) Winning Vendor (By CloudStorageReviewed)
Overall Assessment Egnyte Egnyte
Ease of Use / UX Egnyte Egnyte
Feature Set Egnyte Not compared
File Sharing, Sync and Versioning Not compared Tie
Pricing Not compared Box*
Reliability Tie Not compared
Security Tie Tie
Software Compatibility Not compared Tie
Speed/Performance Egnyte Not compared

As you can see, we either better or tie with Box on every capability/attribute but one, across the two reviews. Overall, both reviewers recommend Egnyte as the stronger choice for businesses.

To quote Cloudwards:

“While both companies provide a very specific set of services to enterprise clients, we believe that Egnyte can service them just a little better than Box.”

Quoting CloudStorageReviewed:

“Both Egnyte and Box are top notch cloud storage providers and have a high percentage of satisfied customers. However, if we had to choose one, we would go for Egnyte since it offers hybrid cloud storage.”

We’re happy to see independent publications waking up to the quality of our solution. It provides a nice parallel to the wins we’ve been picking up with analysts, like Egnyte’s excellent performance in IDC’s benchmark performance test for the cloud deployments of various storage providers. The IDC Report only focuses on sync performance, which we covered in a previous article.

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