Not all our clients take the holidays off. Check out a behind-the-scenes look at how our newest customer, Santa’s Workshop (NYSE: SLED), deploys Egnyte Content Intelligence across their workflow.

Oh, the Places Your Files Won’t Go!


One of the main drivers for Santa’s Workshop adopting Egnyte was information leakage: business-critical toy schematics and sled routes falling into the wrong hands, particularly those of their chief rival GrinchCo (NYSE: GRNC). Leveraging Egnyte Connect, Santa’s CIO Bushy Evergreen can make sure all data is shared using password-protected Egnyte links and save costs at scale by moving attachments from emails to Egnyte.

How GrinchCo Didn’t Steal Christmas


Bushy Evergreen spends most of his time battling attacks from competitors instead of making sure Santa’s Workshop is running smoothly. Now he relies on Egnyte Protect to inform him when permissions are misaligned or documents are misplaced. Sled engineers poached by GrinchCo have already attempted to access this year’s international airspace permits, but Egnyte Protect has ensured that all documents Santa’s Workshop uses are being correctly accessed.

Saving Paper for the Presents


The elves’ favorite feature, however, and the one most widely used at Santa’s Workshop, is Egnyte’s new Task Manager. Santa’s workforce is thrilled to be assigning, tracking and completing tasks directly in the Egnyte Web UI instead of writing notes on wrapping paper and throwing them at their colleagues. Now the design and manufacturing teams can collaborate instantly, shaving time off every second of the toy-making process.

Thank you for reading, and have a happy and safe holiday season!

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