Not everyone knows how we help customers work, so we’re excited to debut a collaboration video for folks new to Egnyte.

The universal communication tool for digital productivity used to be email, but the explosion of e-marketing has left inboxes so cluttered that many frustrated employees are looking for something better.

Egnyte Connect helps customers tackle this head on. Keep files in one place so everyone is editing a single file. Share links to the same file instead of creating and sending different versions. Access files from all platforms. We’re always looking for ways to shave even milliseconds off collaboration lag time.

At the same time that email has become less effective for sharing content, the usefulness of push notification has grown. While the concept was developed for mobile phones, it’s expanded to all platforms.

Now with push notifications and system-wide @ mention support, we’ve tapped both of these trends. From any device, users can add comments and assign tasks, and then @ mention colleagues. They will receive push notifications on their mobile, tablet, and in the web UI. And yes, they will even receive an email notification.


Egnyte Connect continues to push the limits to help users orchestrate their perfected digital workplace. And yes, they will even receive an email notification. Happy collaborating!

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