This is a big one. The requests for an integration between Slack and Egnyte Connect have been loud and consistent, and I’m very excited to announce that we have just delivered what you have been asking for!

There are two components to this integration, once configured.

From the Egnyte Web UI, selecting any file presents a new option to share in Slack. Users can share an Egnyte link to any Slack channel associated with their Slack account. Now content can be updated in Egnyte Connect with confidence that all users with access will have the most up-to-date version of the file.


From Slack, users can deploy the brand-new /egnyte command to share their Egnyte Connect files right from the Slack user interface. In any channel, type in /egnyte and you can choose to share an Egnyte Connect link or upload a file from your machine to your Egnyte server and automatically share the link to your Slack channel.


If users click Share, they can use a file picker to share a link into the Slack channel they are in.

If users click Upload file, they can choose a file from their machine, upload it to an Egnyte directory of their choosing, and automatically share the link in the Slack channel where they entered the /egnyte command.


Happy sharing! Stay tuned to see which integration we tick off our list next.

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