As other contributors have alluded to in past blog posts, Egnyters work hard when it’s time to work and play hard when it’s time to play. Over the long 4th of July weekend, we checked in with a few teammates to see how they were celebrating.

Anna + TerriOn Independence Day, enjoying a cookout is a sacred tradition. Sales Development Representatives Anna Lazar and Terri Tan honored it, attending one in San Jose.

“We had BBQ Chicken and Short Ribs, absolutely delicious. Sat with our feet in the pool and enjoyed the sun. Lots of smiles when you’re with good friends, good music and good weather.”

UI/UX designer Angela Ng kept the cookout theme going, hosting her own classic barbecue on the patio of one of her friends’ apartments.

“We grilled lots of meat (leftovers for days) and ended our BBQ with watermelon and frozen ice pops. We had a great time playing Red Dragon Inn, a board game focusing on spending loot rather than earning it.  Guests included friends from all over the Bay Area and two dogs, a shiba and a yorkie. The shiba, Accio, came with his owner from Outer Sunset and was very playful with everyone (as evidenced by the video).”

Associate Product Manager Cara de Freitas Bart opted for a different type of cooking.

I tried to teach my friends how to bake cupcakespatriotic cupcakes to bring to a 4th of July BBQ. We started by making red velvet cupcakes. We cut the centers out, filled the cupcakes with a blueberry and cream cheese filling, and piped decorations in cream cheese frosting on top. If you want to try them, the recipes can be found here!” 

Egnyters also honored the tradition of enjoying the beautiful early July weather. Office coordinator Nikki Fukuda took the chance to get outside and soak in the sun.

“I drove up to a vista point on Skyline Blvd uploadwith some friends. It was an incredible experience. We caught an amazing sunset and saw fireworks from all over the Bay Area.”

IT Director Mark Semones knew exactly who he wanted to enjoy the weather with.

“On Saturday morning I spent some time at the beach in Pacifica with my dog Rosco. I spent Sunday and Monday in Napa at a friend’s wedding. I also went to a wine tasting, but we were having too much fun to take photos!”

That wasn’t the only wedding an Egnyter graced over the weekend. Industry Solutions Marketing Manager Arpita Neelmegh attended a wedding and a reunion, all rolled into one.

FullSizeRender“Had a amazing 4th of July weekend with old and new friends. Spent the weekend celebrating two good friends from UCLA getting married. One hell of a college reunion!”

Some of us enjoyed a low-key weekend, relishing the extra time for knocking out long-standing errands. Creative Director Josh Gillick used his weekend productively.

“I saved $900 and enjoyed a feeling of accomplishment when changing my brakes over the weekend. I also played Batman: Gotham Knight into the wee hours of the night.”

But of course, some Egnyters seized the chance to travel. Business Development Manager Tom Bingham jetted off to Maui, where (among other things) he provided this post’s featured image.

tom“We’re staying in the beach town of Kihei and doing some open water snorkeling off of an ancient volcanic crater known as Molokini. We’ll be doing some waterfall hikes and riding down the Haleakala volcano. We also checked out Maui Brewing Company, the largest Craft brewery on Maui. They’re known for being ecologically friendly and sustainable, all while producing high quality beer.”

Sounds to us like a 4th of July well spent, all around. Do you think your 4th of July stacks up? Leave a comment or Tweet @egnyte!

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