Our CSO, Isabelle Guis, recently posted an article on ReadWrite about data governance. She discussed how companies are getting smarter about their content, and zeroed in on construction.

“Today, the market leaders in [the construction] industry are brilliant examples of how businesses should move with the times. They have embraced file-sharing solutions in an effort to collaborate in real-time. While some industries have been slow to embrace the cloud, the construction industry understands its promise: real-time access from anywhere and a single instance of the truth when it comes to the mission critical documents.”

That’s borne out by the trends we’ve seen the last few years. The graphic below, reproduced from ReadWrite, maps our findings.


The Construction Industry is reaping the benefits of several technologies: cloud, mobility, and analytics. It comes as no surprise that top Construction firms nationwide are making moves from paper to digital. We’ve watched as clients like Tutor Perini and PCL roared back from the nadir of 2008 by embracing IT.

Project Managers are no longer exclusively relying on excel spreadsheets and email attachments to manage RFIs.

Architects are moving away from relying on paper and email to track design development.

General Contractors are no longer relying on email updates from their subcontractors on tasks and instead are able to focus on project delivery.

Foremen and superintendents are no longer required to make markups on paper, instead opting for more sophisticated solutions on iPads and tablets to communicate changes in real-time with their team.

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