Can you believe it’s already late-July? Time sure flies when you’re having fun! The first half of the year was fantastic with the unveiling of our Adaptive Enterprise File Services, Egnyte for Google Apps integration, a full mobile suite refresh, new Construction partnerships, and more. The second half is just as hot, and for this month’s post, I’d like to share some of the great new features we’ve introduced over the last thirty days.

Simple Access for Your Most Important Files via Mobile

With Egnyte’s Android App, you now have the ability to mark your most important (or frequently used) folders for auto update, enabling access to the latest versions of those files, at all times. Files are seamlessly synced to the mobile device when the app is opened, when it restores lost connectivity, and when changes are made from a third-party app.

Worried about data usage on your device? You still have full control on the data plan usage or preference for Wi-Fi over the cell network.

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Take Charge of Trash Management

Trash management is clearly not a fun task, and it actually can be a huge headache for an IT administrator who has to ensure the integrity of millions of files and dozens of terabytes of data.

Our latest update is like an “Advil” for the complexities of trash management. Now with Egnyte, IT admins have the choice of either restoring the original permissions or to inherit the destination parent folder’s permissions, giving much more flexibility to IT.

trash management, permissions, IT

In Case You Missed it – New Construction Functionality!

We recently announced some great new third-party integrations and features that solve pain points in the AEC industry, such as role-based admin rights and advanced folder templating. Check out the full update if you missed it.

This Month’s Recommended Feature

Love Google Apps? So do we! The Egnyte for Google Apps integration lets you create any Google document (Docs, Sheets, Presentation or Drawing) directly from within the Egnyte Web UI.

Not only that, but you can also import your existing Google Documents from within your Google Drive directly into any shared folder within Egnyte. Easily take advantage of the shared folder structure and securely share with your co-workers or external team members, using all the sharing options Egnyte offers.

Google Apps, integration, collaboration

Be sure to check out the Egnyte Helpdesk regularly for more details on product updates! Have any other product questions? The Helpdesk and our company blog are the best places to help you get the answers you need.

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